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 Ann Arbor Public Schools
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 Jeanice Kerr Swift, Ph.D.

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Our Schools

Directory of Schools
Links to school web sites and contact information for each school.

District Map
Want to know where a particular building is in our district? Look here!

Boundary Maps
Map of attendance boundaries for elementary, middle and high schools.

ADA Maps
Maps of ADA accessible entrances & walkways at our schools and administrative buildings

Feeder Schools
See which elementary schools feed into which middle schools, and which middle schools feed into which high schools.

PA-25 Annual Reports
These State-mandated reports include statistical information, school improvement goals, and more about each of our buildings.

Bell Schedules
Start and end times vary in our buildings; check this schedule to find out when the bell rings for your school.

School Cancellations
A listing of radio stations and television stations we alert when our schools will be closed.

School Lunch Menus
Check here for the district-wide lunch menus, published monthly (posted on the Dining Services web site.)

Attendance-Area-by-Street Directory*
Want to know which elementary, middle or high school children in your neighborhood attend? Wondering what the Walk & Ride boundaries are for each school? Looking for which streets feed into a particular AAPS school? Search our directory!

School Safety
Guidelines for Wind Chill safety are posted here, as well as other Safety Procedures.

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