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Embedding an Audio or Video clip into a page

If you would like an audio or video clip to play within your SiteMaker page, here's how you "code it in".

Before you code it in to the page, you will need to know the location of the file. Since audio and video files are large in size, most likely your file will be stored on the district's internal web server; if you need space on this server, please contact your building web coordinator to request a user account. Once you have the space, you'll upload the file to your server space, noting the location of the file on the server.
For example, if my user space is on the Instruction web server, and I place my file in my "audio" directory, the path to my file might look something like this:
This "path" is what you will need in order to properly embed the clip into your page.
Once you have the path, embedding the file into the page is very easy. You will use the <embed> tag to get the file to embed in the page; for example, this code:
<embed src="">
produces this:

There are also a couple attributes that I used above that you, too, can use to customize your clips for your users' sakes:
Autoplay can have the value of TRUE or FALSE -- TRUE tells the browser to automatically play the clip as soon as the page loads, while FALSE gives the site visitor control over whether it plays or not.
Controller can have the value of TRUE or FALSE -- TRUE tells the browser to show the clip controller (play/pause buttons, volume control) so that they can control the clip, while false shows nothing. Make sure you don't have the clip set to autoplay=false and controller=false or else your site visitors will never know the clip is there!
Here's how the attributes are used in the tag:
<embed src="" autoplay="false" controller="true">

The one thing you want to keep in mind when you embed files in a page is that they automatically download when the user opens the page, so if you have a huge video file, you might want to just provide a link to the file so people can CHOOSE to download it, rather than embedding the file and forcing them to sit and wait for it to download to display in the page. Keep your users in mind when you are building your site, and you'll keep them coming back!