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Simple HTML tags to format text

Sample Corresponding Code
Bold text <b>Bold text</b>
Italicized text <i>Italicized text</i>
Colored text <font color="red">Colored</font> <font color="purple">text</font>
Hyperlinked text
<a href="">Hyperlinked</a> text
Larger text
Larger text
Larger text
<font size="+1">Larger text</font>
<font size="+2">Larger text</font>
<font size="+3">Larger text</font>
Smaller text
Smaller text
Smaller text
<font size="-1">Smaller text</font>
<font size="-2">Smaller text</font>
<font size="-3">Smaller text</font>
Superscripttext Superscript<sup>text</sup>
Subscripttext Subscript<sub>text</sub>
Centered text

Left Justified text

Right Justified text

<div align="center">Centered text</div>

<div align="left">Left Justified text</div>

<div align="right">Right Justified text</div>

Text with a
line break
Text with a<br>line break
Text with a..

New paragraph

Text with a..<p>New paragraph</p>
Text with an

indented paragraph that then goes back to

regular text

Text with an<blockquote><p>indented paragraph that then goes back to </p></blockquote><p>regular text</p>
Text formatted with different fonts*

*Font must be present on site visitor's computer in order to display; specify at least one backup font should your first choice for font not be present on user's computer

<font face="Arial,Helvetica">Text </font>formatted <font face="Helvetica,Arial">with a</font> <font face="Verdana,Geneva">different </font><font face="Courier New,Courier">font</font>
Bulleted list with
  • one
  • two
  • three items
Bulleted list with<ul><li>one<li>two<li>three items</ul>

*<ul> stands for "unordered list", <li> stands for "list item"

Numbered list with
  1. one
  2. two
  3. three items
Numbered list with<ol><li>one<li>two<li>three items</ol>

*<ol> stands for "ordered list", <li> stands for "list item"

Note to users: All of the code above is shows as a big long string of tags and text without any extra carriage returns. This was done with the assumption that most users who add these codes to their pages will be leaving the "Display carriage returns as line breaks" checkbox (above the Enter Text box) checked.
If you will be using an HTML editor (Composer, GoLive, HomePage, etc.) to transform your text as HTML code, please remember to UNCHECK the "Display carriage returns as line breaks" checkbox or else you will end up with a LOT of extra whitespace in your page.