Describe your idea 

The 2012 Ann Arbor Public Schools Project Description Worksheet.doc is a working document to help you a) get your principal or supervisor's approval and b) help you search for funding sources. Notes are okay.

Here is the template for the project description.  (Above, you can download a document to enter your information). 

Ann Arbor Public Schools Project Description Worksheet

Project Title:                                                   Lead Staff Person:

Project Description: Summarize project activities, outcomes to be measured, number of students served.  This is the “who, what, where” you are planning.

Need for Project: A snapshot of the need to be addressed.  This is the “why” - what problem or deficit you are addressing with your project.  In a letter of inquiry or full proposal, this will be documented by your research.

Relationship to past projects: Is this a continuation or expansion of an established plan or project, or completely new?  For example, if the project is a summer tutoring program, perhaps it is an expansion of the current summer reading project.

Relationship to AAPS Strategic Plan: All our work should align with the district’s strategic plan.  Be aware of which part of the plan your project addresses and how helps advance the goals of the plan.

Total cost for this project is:

Budget cost summary:  List large line items.

Key words to use for funding research:

    What is the academic focus of this project?

    What other areas of interest are we covering with this project? e.g., social skills, environmental health, tobacco-free schools, etc.

    What student population does it serve?  List socio-economic, gender, ethnic, ELL or other significant factors.

    What type of support do we need for this project? ($, in-kind, equipment, space, volunteer, etc.)

Principal/Supervisor approval for this project

Signature and date:

For grant support, contact Annette Ferguson at