Ann Arbor Public Schools Strategic Plan

2009 - 2012

AAPS Strategic Plan - Update - March 2011

The AAPS Strategic Plan Team met throughout the winter 2010-11 for the purpose of review and update of the district's plan. The team  reviewed progress made and ultimately proposed updates to the mission, objectives, parameters and beliefs that will be the Ann Arbor Public School's working plan.

In March 2011, the Board of Education reviewed and approved these changes.

Mission of the Ann Arbor Public Schools

The mission of the Ann Arbor Public Schools is to ensure each student realizes his or her aspirations while advancing the common good, by creating a world-class system of innovative teaching and learning.

AAPS Objectives 

  • Ann Arbor Public Schools student performance will exceed international standards in achievement.
  • Each student will achieve his or her personalized educational goals.
  • Each student will consistently demonstrate concern for self and others.
  • Each student is a positive contributor to his or her community.

AAPS Parameters

  • We will make decisions and take actions based on the best interest of the student.
  • We will never abandon our commitment to excellence.
  • We will practice fiscal responsibility by balancing educational aspirations of our students by the district’s ability to pay.
  • We will not tolerate prejudice by anyone.
  • We will ensure the safety and security of all those in the district.
  • We will not engage in anything that does not support our primary-secondary educational programs.
  • We will not accept ineffective performance.
  • School improvement plans will always be consistent with the Strategic Plan of the district.

AAPS Beliefs

We believe that...

  • heritage shapes individual identity.
  • all people have the right to learn without limits and reach their full potential.
  • a person’s achievement can not be predetermined.
  • we are strongest when working together.
  • everyone can make a valuable contribution to society.
  • environmental stewardship is our moral obligation.
  • every person has inherent worth and deserves respect.
  • racism is destructive to everyone.
  • effective communication increases understanding, fosters relationships, and builds community.
  • we first create in ourselves what we seek to create in the world.
  • all people deserve to live in a healthy, safe environment.
  • diversity enriches a community.
  • creative expression enhances the quality of life.

Strategies and Specific Results

Honoring our past, planning for our future today...

The Ann Arbor Public Schools district is engaged in a process which honors our long history as an excellent public schools system but also acknowledges that we must act now to strengthen the educational experience for every student. The Strategic Plan Team representing parents, students, teachers, administrators, trustees, and community members drafted the originial Strategic Plan in 2008/09. It is a plan that includes beliefs, a mission, objectives, and strategies. Specific Action Plans, designed to achieve the strategies identified, are the guiding documents for all decisions made in the district. These Action Teams who met again in the winter of 2011 to review an update the 8 strategies also combined the knowledge and experience of staff, students, teachers, administrators, parents and community members.

Unanimously approved by the Board of Education, implementation of the Ann Arbor Public Schools Strategic Plan continues. We welcome further participation in the Strategic Plan during the implementation phase. Please contact Liz Margolis ( or call (734) 994-2236 if you would like more information and to become involved in the AAPS Strategic Plan process.

Download a one page version of the Mission, Objectives, Beliefs and Parameters (195 kb PDF).
Download a multi-page version of the Strategic Plan (102kb PDF)