Ann Arbor Public Schools Strategic Plan 2009-12

Strategies and Specific Results

Strategy 1 - We will create a complete educational program featuring personalized learning that realizes student aspirations and meets international standards


Specific Results:

1-1 Develop a rigorous career and technical education curriculum or program that leads to college credit or formal certification.

1-2 Use differentiated and personalized instructional strategies to match individual student learning styles.

1-3 Develop a system for students, teachers, administrators and families to co-create a personalized learning plan based on student aspirations.

1-4 Analyze high quality international standards based on the International Baccalaureate program for curriculum and instruction focused on creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and education for democracy.

1-5 Select high quality international standards for curriculum and instruction focused on creativity, problem solving, critical thinking and education for democracy.


Strategy 2 - We will develop and implement a personalized learning plan for each student.


Specific Results:

2-1 Develop a model for Personalized Learning Plans

2-2 Develop a framework for implementing and maintaining personalized learning plans, or PLPs.

2-3 Establish multiple means of demonstrating student growth.


Strategy 3 - We will actualize the potential for excellence in all students through inspiration and support.


Specific Results:

3-2 Increase the number of African-American and Latino students who are in AC/AP classes and earning A’s and B’s.

3-3 Provide extended learning opportunities inside and outside the school day at all schools, pre-K through 12.

3-4 Implement standard PreK-12 communication technology and tools to expedite communications between all staff and families.


Strategy 4 - We will ensure meaningful learning through effective instruction.


Specific Results:

4-1 Enhance the current curricula to prepare students to be successful in a global society.

4-2 Implement an ongoing program of cultural competency for all administrators, staff, teachers, students and parents.

4-3 Establish a Professional Learning Community for all teachers. In a PLC, teachers collaborate by working together to remain current in their field through ongoing study and practice with a focus on continuous improvement.

4-4 Provide teachers with constructive feedback and meaningful support in the classroom throughout the year.

4-5 Develop positive staff-student relationships that provide a sense of belonging and student engagement for all students.


Strategy 5 - We will enhance the district’s professional learning system in order to provide relevant learning experiences and support for all staff in order to continually improve academic and social achievement for all students.


Specific Results:

5-1 Assure that all contractual staff meeting time is conducted in collaborative learning formats and aligned with district and school goals toward student achievement.

5-2 Offer learning opportunities along a continuum of proficiency for all staff members within each job classification. 

5-3 Build a staff with expertise to meet the changing needs of the student population

5-4 Align hiring and staffing practices to reflect the Ann Arbor School District and the local community’s desire for diversity, innovative ideas, community participation and respect for individuals.

5-5 Create an assessment system to measure to the quality and effectiveness of the professional learning system.


Strategy 6 - We will engage and inform our constituents to engender trust and support to accomplish our mission and objectives.


Specific Results:

6-1 Inspire quality enhancement through staff accountability, professional growth, and two-way communications.

6-2 Implement exemplary two-way communication between district staff and families to promote strong, positive relationships

6-3 Formalize the district's commitment to inclusion and excellence for all.

6-4 Establish a culture of customer service for students, parents, and staff as a value in the district to build our culture of excellence

6-5 Build a virtual community that facilitates a user-friendly environment as an accepted communication mechanism for the exchange of consistent, timely, informative, promotional and educational information, reflective of the AAPS culture of excellence.

6-6 Increase the effectiveness of the parent groups in achieving our mission and objectives.

6-7 Design and develop a system to invite, recruit, train, and effectively use volunteers in the Ann Arbor Public Schools.

6-8 Develop mutually beneficial partnerships to engage businesses, educational institutions, community organizations, and all district taxpayers with the Ann Arbor Public Schools.


Strategy 7 - We will create and maintain physical learning environments that enable us to fulfill our mission.


Specific Results:

7-1 Conduct a comprehensive assessment of all AAPS buildings and grounds that includes the following elements: facility adequacy to meet curriculum needs, demographics, lifecycle evaluations of systems and equipment, site safety, security, accessibility/universal design, energy/utilities and life safety/codes

7-2 Allow for appropriate community use of AAPS facilities while ensuring the order and safety of classrooms and other building spaces.

7-3 Implement energy savings measures as recommended by district guidelines

7-4 Create a master buildings and grounds maintenance schedule with monthly and annual tasks for each AAPS site.

7-5 Develop new construction, renovation and maintenance goals.


Strategy 8 - Ensuring resources adequate to accomplish our mission and vision.


Specific Results:

8-1 The community relations effort should create awareness about the value that AAPS brings to the community and create a sense of urgency around the economic needs of AAPS in order to continue to provide that value.

8-2 Renewal of key millages and passage of an enhancement millage.

8-3 Leverage resources and technology so that the AAPS can make optimal use of our resources to achieve our goals.