AAPS Strategic Plan

Strategies and Action Team Leaders

Strategic Action Teams are now being formed. Each strategy has Action Team Leaders who will guide the three to four month process to determine action steps to achieve the strategies .

AAPS is looking for members for these Action Teams. Each team will decide on their own meeting schedule but will meet over the summer with action step reports to due to the Superintendent by the end of September.

If you are interested in participating on an Action Team or have questions, please contact Liz Margolis, 734.994.2236 or margolis@aaps.k12.mi.us . Please respond by May 18th.

   Team Leaders
1. Joan Fitzgibbon, Allen
Sulura Jackson, Skyline
Michael Madison, Pioneer
We will create a complete educational program featuring personalized learning that realizes student aspirations and meets international standards.
Chris Curtis, Pioneer
Kevin Karr, King
We will develop and implement a personalized learning plan for each student.
Bill Harris, Pioneer
Kathy Scarnecchia, Mitchell
Arthur Williams, Huron
We will actualize the potential for excellence in all students through inspiration and support.
Joyce Hunter, Administration
Kathy Morhous, Burns Park 
We will ensure meaningful learning through effective teaching.
Shelley Bruder, Bach
Pat Manley, Thurston
We will implement a system to ensure continuous development of staff capacity.
Sara Aeschbach, Rec&Ed
Marcus Edmondson, Huron
We will inform and engender trust and support from our constituents to accomplish our mission and objectives.
Rick O’Neill, Lakewood
Randy Trent, Administration
We will create and maintain physical learning environments that enable us to fulfill our mission.
Robert Allen, Administration
Norman Herbert. Community Leader
We will ensure resources adequate to accomplish our mission and objectives.