Third Grade Mathematics

Big Idea


Developing understandings of multiplication and division and strategies for basic multiplication facts and related division facts

  • Count in steps, and understand even and odd numbers
  • Multiply and divide whole numbers
  • Problem-solving with whole numbers

Developing an understanding of area and perimeter and determining the areas and perimeters of two-dimensional shapes

  • Understand meaning of area and perimeter and apply in problems
  • Estimate perimeter and area
  • Solve measurement problems

Describing properties of two-dimensional shapes and classifying three-dimensional shapes

  • Recognize the basic elements of geometric objects
  • Name and explore properties of shapes
  • Explore and name three-dimensional solids

Developing an understanding of fractions and fraction equivalence

  • Understand simple fractions, relation to the whole, and addition and subtraction of fractions
  • Understand simple decimal fractions in relation to money

Other Resources

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