Third Grade Social Studies

Our Community and Beyond and Exploring Michigan

The Geography of Michigan
What hemisphere is this?
Our continent and our country

Discovering Michigan and using a map

Traveling Michigan

Glaciers and bodies of water in Michigan

Land forms of Michigan

State symbols of Michigan

Climate in Michigan

Natural resources in Michigan

The Great Lakes

Using and adapting to the Michigan environment

Exploring land issues

Dividing Michigan into regions

Thinking Like an Historian
What happened? (primary and secondary resources)
When did it happen?  ( chronology and timelines)
Who was involved?  (diaries and written evidence)
How and why did it happen?  (cause and effect)
History detectives  (simulation to solve historical problems)

Native Cultures in Michigan
The Old Copper people
The Hopewell
Native Americans: People of the forest
Three Fires
Potawatami booklet and illustrated timeline
Native Americans in Michigan today

Whose Michigan?
The French arrive in Michigan
French routes and settlements
The Voyageurs
Great Lakes fur trade
Fur trading fort
French and Indian War
Fort artifacts
Pontiac's rebellion
Michigan and the American Revolution

Settlement to Statehood
Settlers faced challenges
Pioneer artifacts
Slow population growth
Northwest ordinance
Lewis Cass
Erie Canal

The Toledo War

Other Resources:

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AAPS Third Grade Social Studies Curriculum Map 123kb PDF

Third Grade Report Form 408kb PDF


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