Fifth Grade English Language Arts

Instructional Focus

Assessment Tools

Process a wide variety of texts including informational and short chapter books.

Fountas and Pinnell Reading Benchmark Assessment.

Identify problem and solution of the story, and bring knowledge from personal experiences to the interpretation of characters and events.


Make inferences and predictions that are supported with evidence from the text.


Be able to write both a personal narrative essay and an informational piece that informs the reader.

AAPS Writing Rubric, Lucy Calkins Units of Study Rubrics

Use a large number of high frequency words correctly in reading and writing contexts (500+).

Analysis of student writing

Understand compound words, homophones, synonyms, antonyms, and common prefixes and suffixes.


Other Resources

District Fifth Grade Reading Rubric 146kb PDF

AAPS Recommended Reading List

State Language Arts Grade Level Content Expectations for Fifth Grade 282kb PDF External link

District Fifth Grade Writing Schedule 66kb PDF

District Fifth Grade Writing Rubric 186kb PDF

Fifth Grade Report Form 508kb PDF


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