Achievement Teams

Achievement Teams are a part of the Ann Arbor Public School’s mission to meet the educational needs of all students. Achievement teams function within each school and are a collaborative effort between general education teachers, administrators, parents/guardians, special education staff, and/or other support staff. The purpose of Achievement Teams is to identify and address the academic, behavioral, health, and social-emotional needs of individual student’s which may be interfering with a student’s success in the general education setting. Achievement Teams use data-driven, problem solving methods to recommend and monitor supplementary strategies and interventions to help students meet their core curriculum goals.

Achievement Team Database

Ann Arbor Public Schools has developed the Achievement Team Database as an electronic repository to facilitate the Achievement Team Process and ensure the interventions for academic, behavioral, health, and social-emotional needs of individual students are well-documented and available for educational decision making.

1atdentrytab.png 2studentinfotab.png 3contactinfo.png 4studentinfotab.png 5interventiontab.png 6interventioninfo.png 7achieveteamtab.png 8actionplaninfo.png 9reportchoicestab.png
Click a thumbnail to view the Achievement Team Database screenshot in a new window. Example for illustrative purposes only.

A student may be referred to the Achievement Team when:

  • A parent and/or teacher have identified concerns
  • A student is struggling despite universal supports and not making progress
  • A student is assessed and/or screened and significant academic concerns have been identified
  • Behaviors are interfering with academic progress