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The Ann Arbor Public Schools is proud of the 20 elementary and one K-8th grade schools in this district. AAPS elementary schools offer exceptional academics and extra-curricular opportunities in diverse and supportive learning environments. Differentiated learning at all levels offers students the ability to be successful in the classroom. The Every Day Math program is a proven curriculum that emphasizes the application of mathematics to real world situations. The Language Arts program includes reading and writing curriculums that address word study, guided reading, "just-right" reading selections as well as writer's workshop to teach effective writing methods.

A new element that will be introduced in Fall 2010 is a humanities program incorporating special areas (P.E., Art and Music) with K-5 media and information literacy and technology. The humanities lessons will reinforce social studies and science outcomes from the classrooms.

Another feature of the Elementary experience is the World Language program, now available to all third graders expanding in 2010 to all fourth graders. This collaboration with the University of Michigan provides Spanish Language instruction in the classroom for all students.

The Ann Arbor Public Schools elementary program provides a strong educational base for all students emphasizing achievement, success and diversity of education.

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Focus Areas

Focus AreaSchoolTitle I School
Read 180 & System 44 implementation Checkmark Checkmark
FASTT Math Checkmark Checkmark
New Fountas & Pinnell Assessment K-2 Checkmark Checkmark
SRI for all 5th graders Checkmark Checkmark
RTI: Achievement Team Process Checkmark Checkmark
Data Driven Dialogue Checkmark Checkmark
(New) MDE School Improvement form/process External Link Checkmark Checkmark
Building based Title I Plan   Checkmark
Equity/CARE implementation Checkmark Checkmark
World Language-Third Grade Checkmark Checkmark
Restructuring Special Area/humanities/technology integration Checkmark Checkmark
MyAccess essays aligned to Social Studies curriculum, all 5th grade Checkmark Checkmark
Building technology coaches Link opens in new window Checkmark Checkmark
Extended Day for ELL students
(ESL schools only)
Building based PD with Advisory members; algebra strand trace Checkmark Checkmark

Extended Grade Level Content Expectations (EGLCEs)

The Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations have been modified for students with disabilities who take the Functional Independence Phase of MI-Access (the state test designed for students for whom the MEAP has been determined to be inappropriate, based on their disability). The modified GLCEs are called Extended Grade Level Content Expectations (EGLCEs). They have been created for English Language Arts and Mathematics, grades 2-8 and grade 11.

2 3 4 5
English Language Arts
180kb PDF
English Language Arts
148kb PDF
English Language Arts
148kb PDF
English Language Arts
148kb PDF
60kb PDF
104kb PDF
72kb PDF
76kb PDF
Science EGLCEs

Using Earth Science Knowledge 984kb PDF | Constructing New Scientific Knowledge 368kb PDF | Using Life Science Knowledge 768kb PDF | Reflecting on Scientific Knowledge 352kb PDF | Using Physical Science Knowledge 1.1mb PDF

Elementary Outcomes

Kindergarten Outcomes 164kb PDF First Grade Outcomes 180kb PDF Second Grade Outcomes 205kb PDF
Third Grade Outcomes 188kb PDF Fourth Grade Outcomes 197kb PDF Fifth Grade Outcomes 156kb PDF

Elementary Grade Reports

Kindergarten Grade Report 274kb PDF First Grade Report 274kb PDF Second Grade Report 274kb PDF
Third Grade Report 233kb PDF Fourth Grade Report 233kb PDF Fifth Grade Report 250kb PDF


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