Elementary Enrichment Framework

The Elementary Enrichment Framework is predicated on the belief that all students are uniquely "gifted". All elementary schools continue to sponsor "enriching" activities or field trips. The intention of the Elementary Enrichment Framework is to create a level of equity within schools and amongst schools.  This is best accomplished by creating a framework with ready access to a common collection of aligned enrichment activities.  While the greater Ann Arbor area is rich in many opportunities, the Enrichment Framework is focused on curricular alignment, not "random acts of enrichment".

In 2008-09, The Ann Arbor Education Foundation approved grant funding to support the implementation of such an enrichment framework. The implementation of the framework began in earnest in all 21 elementary buildings, beginning in the fall of 2009.  Five (5) Enrichment facilitators, allocated to schools within each of the 5 district clusters, began by working with school principals and staff to design building-specific enrichment plans. The facilitators supported implementation of these plans in various ways: seeking resources, training staff, working directly with students and/or making arrangements for field trips or guest presenters.

While the enrichment plan will reflect the unique character of each school, the enrichment experiences pull from a common collection of grade specific enrichment activities carefully chosen for their connection to the core Ann Arbor curriculum and their ability to enhance understanding of key academic concepts. This "rolodex" of activities has been developed over the years by teachers and enrichment specialists and more recently expanded by the enrichment facilitators.  All elementary schools benefit from this power "networking".  All students benefit from access to extended learning. Cooperative planning with classroom teachers makes for successful enrichment development. This year the greater emphasis was placed on "enriching" mathematics and science learning.

Other Resources

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