World Language classes for the 2010-11 year are over, but there's great news about next year! 





Spanish lessons will continue next year for all AAPS 3rd, 4th and now...5th graders!  Our fourth grade students will be able to continue with Spanish next year with brand new curriculum.  As we do now, we'll teach Spanish in the classrooms twice a week for 30 minutes each session.


What does that mean for our kids?  Something very important to their future studies. New high school graduation requirements state that every student must earn credit in world languages.  Our A2LP foundation in Spanish will allow students an opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in Spanish at an earlier stage, thus opening up more opportunities for them to explore additional languages and/or other electives in high school. 


 Many thanks to the faculty, leadership and student apprentice teachers at the UM School of Education, to the Ann Arbor Education Foundation, and to AAPS classroom teachers who are mentoring the AT's.  Thanks also to AT Kristen Boman for her contributions to this web site. Gracias to everyone!


This web site is designed to offer families news, information, and resources for supporting Spanish learning from home. Enjoy celebrating language and culture together!