High School ELA

For the Classes of 2011 and beyond, four units of English credit, including English 9 and English 10, must be earned, in the span of grades 9-12, to meet the graduation requirement.

Course curriculum maps are available for additional information regarding course alignment to state standards.

Typical ELA Sequences

Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12

English 9

English 9 Intensive

English 10

English 10 Intensive

English Elective

English AC

English Language and Composition, AP

English Elective

English Language and Composition, AP

Humanities, Literacture AC


ELA Electives

  • Instructional Interventions for Struggling Readers

    Read 180 Link opens in new  window

    System 44 Link opens in new  window

    Acting I & II
  • Argumentation
  • Speech & Communication
  • TV & Radio Production I 
  • English as a Second Language  
  • Literature, Short Readings
  • Literature, Modern Readings  
  • English AC
  • English Language & Composition, AP 
  • Humanities, Literature AC
  • Literature, African-American
  • Humanities, African-American Literature AC
  • Literature, American
  • Literature, British
  • Literature, Twentieth Century
  • Literature, Women’s I
  • Literature, Women’s II – Modern Voices   
  • Composition
  • Writing, Creative I & II
  • Writing, Creative - Prose/Poetry
  • Journalism I & II
  • Writing for Publication: Newspaper  
  • Literature, Language & 
  • Film I, Literature as
  • Film II

Additional Resources

High School Content Expectations for English Language Arts External Link


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