High School Mathematics

For the classes of 2011 and beyond, each student must earn credits by completing a four-year mathematics sequence. Additionally, as part of the enhanced graduation requirements, the State requires all students to take a mathematics course their senior year. This may be a dual-enrollment course. Specifically, the Michigan Merit Core specifies the four credits in mathematics to include Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and one additional math or math-related class. From the range of courses available, each student should be able to select a mathematics course for each year which best meets his/her interests and needs. Information on support services can be obtained from your counselor. All courses utilize graphing calculators. While calculators are available for classroom use and may be checked out from the book depositories at Huron and Pioneer, we encourage students to purchase their own calculators to ensure regular access. Middle and high school mathematics teachers can offer recommendations for the specific calculator that will best suit a student’s needs.

Course Selection Process

The student and his/her parents/guardians are encouraged to discuss options with and request recommendations from the student’s mathematics teacher and counselor in order to develop a plan of action for assuring success. Through open communication a “best program” can be decided collaboratively, whereby the student can simultaneously experience the enjoyment of a challenge, confidence in one’s ability to do mathematics, the excitement of success, and the development of a positive self image.

Course curriculum maps are available for additional information regarding course alignment to state standards.

Typical Mathematics Sequences

Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12
Algebra Integrated & Algebra 1/3

Algebra 2/3 & Algebra 3/3

Geometry & Geometry Support Algebra II & Algebra II Support
Algebra 1 & Algebra Support Geometry & Geometry Support Algebra II

 Algebra II & Algebra II (1/4,2/4)

Algebra II (3/4,4/4)

Algebra 1 Geometry

Algebra II

Option to move to A,B, or C

A. Physics Analysis
B. Math, Senior Advanced
C. Math Analysis

Algebra II

Option to move to D or E

D. Math Analysis

Option to move to F or G

F. Statistics, AP
G. Calculus AB, AP

E. Mathematics, Advanced

Option to move to H only

H. Math Analysis
Geometry AC Algebra 2 AC Math Analysis AC I. Calculus AB, AP
J. Calculus BC, AP
K. Statistics, AP

CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION Note: Students may use a combination of two of the following courses to satisfy one-half (.50) unit of the mathematics graduation requirement (each course below is equal to 1/4 unit of Mathematics.)

Instructional Interventions for Struggling Students

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  • Drafting I, II
  • Drafting, Architectural  
  • Technology, Metals
  • Technology, Machine Tool   
  • Homebuilding


  • Computer Science                   
  • Statistics, AP
  • Computer Science, AP

Additional Resources

High School Content Expectations for Mathematics External Link


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