Kindergarten Science


Science Content

Growing and Changing


  • create a timeline of their lives to track their own development.
  • mark their birth weight and height and subsequent growth.

Class Pet


  • ask questions and make observations about a class pet.
  • compare the class pet with other animals and with themselves.
  • consider the relationship between the pet’s needs, physical features, and natural environment.
  • learn about safe and respectful treatment of animals.

Collections from Nature


  • ask questions and make observations about objects they collect.
  • learn to use tools to get more information about a collection (e.g., magnifiers, measuring tools, balances).
  • use other mathematics processes, such as counting, sorting, identifying shapes and patterns.
  • learn to describe objects in the collection with accurate detail.
  • learn to distinguish between natural objects and those that are made by humans.
  • communicate their findings with others.



  • plan, design and build a variety of structures from a range of materials.
  • explore the properties of materials and the advantages and disadvantages of various building materials.
  • describe and communicate (in words and drawings) the processes they used, their results and their ideas about why certain things work or don’t work.
  • collaborate on building and share information and ideas with one another.
  • look for and describe shapes and patterns in architecture and various buildings.

Dirt, Sand, and Water


  • observe and describe properties of dirt, sand, and water.
  • investigate how these properties change when manipulated in different ways (e.g., adding water to dirt and sand).
  • investigate the origins of dirt and sand and the processes by which they are made.

My Body


  • focus on questions and observations about their own bodies.
  • focus on understanding that the body is a system made up of many interdependent parts.
  • use models for visualizing various body systems.
  • investigate their own basic needs, the ways their bodies are equipped to meet these needs, and the changes that take place in their bodies over time.
  • make detailed and accurate descriptions of their observations.

Other Resources

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Kindergarten Skills Sheet 191kb PDF

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