Options Magnet Program FAQs

Q: Can Options Program students play sports for Ann Arbor schools?
A:   Yes, since the student enrolls as a student in the Ann Arbor Public School district they will have the opportunity to participate in any extra-curricular activities offered at their school
Q: Can Options Program students take traditional classes?
A: Yes students can take traditional classes as part of their schedule. Many students take a combination of traditional, online and Community Resource courses. 
Q: What happens if a CR (Community Resource) class is not approved?
A: The CR monitor will notify the student that the course plan has not been approved. The CR monitor may recommend changes in the course plan or may say the class will not be approved. Here is a link to the infomation about Community Resources Classes and how to apply.  http://www.aaps.k12.mi.us/community.cr/cr_at_a_glance
Q: What are reasons a course plan would not be approved?
A: Instructor is not qualified, content includes religious teachings, content does not meet high school standards, and/or the class setting is not appropriate or safe.
Q: Does a student who participates in the Options Magnet get an Ann Arbor Public Schools transcript?
A: Yes.
Q: Can a CR instructor be paid directly for teaching an Ann Arbor Options student?
A: No, an instructor may not be paid directly by you.
Q: My student is taking classes through a community cooperative. Can these classes count as CR classes?
A: Only if the class is approved by the CR monitor.