Options Magnet

The AAPS Options Magnet allows students to choose the types of instruction that work best with your learning style such as online, combination online and face-to-face, small group seminars, and/or one-on-one instruction.  Choose to work on all your classes every day or choose to work intensely on 2 or 3 classes for shorter periods of time.

The Options Magnet is offered through each of the comprehensive high schools. To enroll in the program, you should contact the high school assigned to your address and talk to a counselor about the options available to all students. 

Mission Statement

All students will learn as a result of receiving a customized instructional program designed to create a positive experience leading to a high school diploma and a productive life.


The purpose of the Options Magnet is to provide students with an alternative to scheduling all their classes at their local school. A student’s alternative schedule, which can include a variety of instructional delivery methods, will allow the student to reach the highest achievement level possible.

How To Learn More

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