Ann Arbor Public Schools
Personal Curriculum Information Sheet

What is the Process for Developing a Personal Curriculum?
  • Contact your school's guidance counselor for a request form.
  • Complete the request form.
  • Submit it to your school's guidance counselor.
  • A Personal Curriculum Eligibility Team, which must include the guidance counselor, will meet to review the Personal Curriculum request along with existing student performance records, the Educational Development Plan (EDP), and for students with disabilities, the Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  The Team will decide if the request appears appropriate for the student.
  • If the requested modifications are appropriate and allowable, a Personal Curriculum Development Team, which must include the student, parent/legal guardian and guidance counselor will meet.  Other appropriate staff members to be determined by the building principal may be a part of this team.
  • Measurable goals and methods of evaluating progress on these goals will be developed.
  • In order for the Personal Curriculum to be implemented, the parent/legal guardian, student and the district Superintendent must agree in writing.
  • The parent/legal guardian is responsible for monitoring student progress each quarter.
Starting with the class of 2011, the State of Michigan is requiring that all students complete the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC), which consists of 16 course requirements.  In addition, our school district requires an additional 6 credits for a total of 22 credits to obtain a high school diploma.

What is a Personal Curriculum?

A personal curriculum (PC) modifies certain requirements of the Michigan Merit Curriculum (MMC), which must be met for the awarding of a high school diploma in Michigan.  A Personal Curriculum must be requested on an individual basis and must meet certain condition to be approved.  A Personal curriculum must be consistent with the student's Educational Development Plan (EDP).

Is a Student Eligible for a High School Diploma if They Have a Personal Curriculum?

A student who successfully fulfills a Personal Curriculum, which is aligned with Michigan Merit Curriculum and any additional local board of education graduation requirements is to be awarded a high school diploma.

Under What Circumstances is a Personal Curriculum Allowable?

The use of a Personal Curriculum modification is allowed by state statute for only four reasons:

  1. Wish to modify the Michigan Merit Curriculum's mathematics requirement
    To qualify for a Personal Curriculum math modification, students must have completed:

    1.5 Michigan Merit Curriculum math credit requirements (Geometry, Algebra I and .5 credit of Algebra II or equivalent) and have a minimum of 4 credits including math in their final year
    Additional modifications may be available for students with disabilities
  2. Wish to substitute core classes in order to go beyond the Michigan Merit Curriculum academic credit requirements by adding more math, science, English language arts or world language credits.
  3. A student with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) who needs to modify the credit requirements based on his or her disability
  4. A student that transfers to a district from out of state or from nonpublic school

Can a Personal Curriculum be used to Modify the Entire Michigan Merit Curriculum?

The purpose of the Personal Curriculum is to modify portions of the Michigan Merit Curriculum that are not practicable for the student while honoring the requirements that graduation with a diploma requires mastery of as much of the Michigan Merit Curriculum content expectations as possible.  For students without disabilities, modification of credit requirements is limited to a specific set of options set forth in the law.  For students with disabilities who have Individualized Education Plans, other modifications of credit requirements may be sought.  Because a Personal Curriculum may lead to a High School diploma, it cannot modify the Michigan Merit Curriculum to the extent that it creates an alternate pathway to graduation.  Ultimately, the Personal Curriculum must be based on 16 competency-based credits, unless the deletion of a half-credit of math (second semester of Algebra II) is approved as part of the Personal Curriculum request.

Who Can Request a Personal Curriculum?

A parent, legal guardian, student 18 years or older, an emancipated minor or school personnel may request a PC.

When Can a Personal Curriculum be Requested?

Personal Curriculum can be requested at any time; however, it cannot go into effect until the student is in high school.  The legislation states that you must complete a minimum of (1.5) credits in math and (2) credits in  social studies (including Civics) before you can request a modification in these two subjects.  The exception to this is a student with an Individualized Education Plan.

In State Transfer Students (district to district)

Since a Personal Curriculum is an agreement between the parent, student and local Superintendent, it is not automatically transferable to another Michigan school district.  If a student who has a Personal Curriculum transfers to another Michigan school district, he or she will need to reapply for a Personal Curriculum in that new district.