Middle/High School Intervention Chart:
Positive Behavior Support

Positive Behavior Support pyramid, with three tiers

Tier 1: ALL

All students receive universal interventions

  • Teach schoolwide positive behavior expectations and procedures
  • Positive reinforcement for all students
  • Consistent consequences for problem behaviors
  • Effective procedures and supervision in non-classroom areas
  • Effective instruction and classroom management

Love & Logic

  • Neutralize student arguing
  • Delay consequences for positive learning
  • Guide students to own and solve problems
  • Use choices to prevent power struggle

Discipline with Dignity

  • Provide student with a greater sense of connection, competence and control
  • Take a student centered approach to address basic needs
  • Foster critical thinking, cooperation, mutual respect, responsible behavior and shared decision-making

Tier 2: SOME

Some students receive targeted interventions

  • Target interventions
  • Simple behavior plans
  • Alternatives to suspension
  • Increased academic support
  • School based mentors
  • Classroom management support
  • Newcomers club

Tier 3: FEW

Intensive Positive Behavior Support

  • Target social skills instruction, e.g. anger management
  • Functional behavior assessment and individual behavior plans
  • Parent collaboration and education
  • Collaboration with student's physician or mental health professional
  • Intensive academic support