Title I Programming

Title I is a federally funded supplemental service that provides support to eligible schools based upon available federal guidelines. Schools that are eligible to receive this additional funding have a greater-than-district-average level of poverty as defined by the number of students attending the school who receive free/reduced lunch subsidy. The scope of the program district-wide (number of schools) may vary from year to year. Once a school is eligible for Title I support, the funding must provide supplemental services to students who are failing or at risk of failing as measured by state and district assessments. These supplemental support services must not supplant core curriculum and instructional responsibilities.

  • The number of schools receiving supplemental Title I support may vary from year to year.
  • In 2009-2010, 10 elementary schools and 1 middle school received supplemental Title I targeted assistance.
  • A comprehensive needs assessment and a school based plan is developed annually for every eligible school.
  • Program implementation and student achievement are monitored closely by central administration staff.
  • Parent involvement is a high priority; parents help to review the efficacy of each school program and help to set goals for continued improvement.
  • To the degree that is feasible, school communication is translated in multiple languages to assist families of second language learners.
  • Building based events (parent information evenings, after school programs, tutorial support, etc.) are regularly made available by Title I staff for parents and students.

Other Resources

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