Purchasing, Business Services & Grants

Balas Administrative Building
2555 South State Street
Ann Arbor, MI  48104
Phone: 734-994-2261
FAX: 734-997-0145

Karen Knight
Director of Purchasing, Business Services & Grants
knightk (@aaps.k12.mi.us)

Angelita Wren
Grants Financial Coordinator
wren (@aaps.k12.mi.us)

Angela Anderson
Purchasing & Business Svcs Assistant
andersona (@aaps.k12.mi.us)

Table of Contents

Grant Information

Contact Grants Services (994-2239) if you need further information.

Purchasing Procedures & Process Information:

Contact Purchasing & Business Support Services (994-2261) if you need further information.

Account Code Manual

Bid Information - for PDF files, contact Purchasing & Business Support Services to obtain a Word file template

Creating a Purchase Order

Contracts / Consultants:

Conference/Workshop Procedure

Copier & Printer Information

District Forms Ordering Procedure

Mail Procedures/Revised

Requesting New Account Codes Procedure

REMC Ordering Procedures


State Law on Procurement

  •  Section 380.1267 - School buildings; construction, addition, repair, or renovation; bids; exception; advertising; security; opening and reading of bids; rejection of bids; readvertising; applicability of section; adjustment of maximum amount.
  •  Section 380.1274 - Procurement of supplies, materials, and equipment; written policies; competitive bids; approval of purchase; adjustment of maximum amount; items purchased through cooperative bulk purchasing program; acquisition of equipment; payment; purchase of heating and cooking equipment. 
  • Section 380.1815 - Competitive bidding; violation of requirements as misdemeanor; penalty

Board of Education Policies and Purchasing Regulations

The following relevant AAPS policies and regulations can be accessed under the 'Policies' tab at: http://www.boarddocs.com/mi/aaps/Board.nsf/Public#


  • Section 2120: Superintendent Contracting Authority
  • Section 3050: Financial Controls
  • Section 4000: Equal Opportunity/Non-Discrimination
  • Section 4120: Conflict of Interest

Purchasing Regulations

  • Competitive Bidding 3050.R.01
  • Purchasing 3050.R.03
    Includes Emergency Purchase Orders
  • Purchasing Cards 3050.R.04
  • Conflict of Interest 3050.R.07