Award for Excellence Nomination Form

To nominate someone for the AAPS Award for Excellence, fill out this form and click the Submit Nomination button below.
For a full explanation of the nomination requirements and selection criteria, please see the main Award for Excellence page.

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  • There is a 20 minute time limit to fill out this form; taking longer than that to complete the form may result in the loss of your text when you click the Submit Nomination button. If you anticipate needing more time than that, we recommend composing your "description of nominee's accomplishments" in a word processing program (e.g. Word, NotePad, etc.) and then coming back to the nomination form and copying/pasting that text into the form.


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Customer Service Innovation

*Please describe your nominee's accomplishments that go above and beyond his/her normal duties, providing specific details in the box below.
If you nominated her/him for Customer Service, please tell what this nominee has done to cause his or her contact people to be pleased. How has s/he created satisfied customers, whether the customers are students, parents, other staff members, or the public? If you nominated her/him for Innovation, please tell how this staff member has demonstrated a creative and innovative approach to his or her job. Has s/he done something that has been shared with others? Has s/he come up with a new idea that has been successfully implemented?