Celebration of Excellence Awards

The COE committee invites nominations of individual staff members in two categories of excellence. They are:

  • INNOVATION - This award will recognize staff members who have demonstrated creative and innovative approaches to their jobs. Staff members worthy of this award are always thinking about how to improve, and they actually do something to make things better. Their innovative ideas get implemented and improve the school district in some way, whether it is a small improvement or a large one. Staff people are innovating all the time, yet frequently no one knows about it except the closest co-workers. The committee welcomes nominees who have accomplished both the big and the small, because each contributes in his or her own way.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE - All employees have "customers", whether they're students, other staff members, parents, or the public. This award celebrates those staffers who provide outstanding service to their customers. The nominator(s) will be asked to describe the ways the nominee is able to brighten the day or take care of those he or she serves. The awardees are the staff people who help everyone else, by figuring out what they want, how to get it for them and how to go the extra mile.

How will this work?

  • Those eligible for this award are AAPS staff members.
  • Nominations will be accepted from parents, students, volunteers, Board of Ed. members, and staff, but not from direct supervisors or reporting staff.
  • COE awards are presented at a regular school board meeting.

Selection criteria

The selection committee consists of a representative from PTOC, AAEA, Amy Osinski from the Superintendent's office, and a representative from the Board of Education.

Consistent with presenting the awards to the most deserving recipients.  Awards will be given based on  the degree to which the nominee has excelled in the specific areas (customer service and/or innovation -- going above and beyond what is normally expected in their position).

What do you get if you win?

  • A framed certificate to proudly display
  • A fruit basket and plate of cookies delivered to your worksite
  • A district wide email announcement of the nomination
  • A public presentation ceremony conducted at a Board of Education meeting
  • The admiration of your friends, family, colleagues, and associates

Nominate an AAPS Staff Member for our Excellence award

Gold Star Awards

We have recently instituted an award for those employees who have been determined by the selection committee deserving of recognition for doing a good job within the realm of their responsibilities, or for duplicate nominations for the Celebration of Excellence award.  This award includes a special gift and recipient names will be announced at a Board Meeting.  Just one more way we can include more staff recognition!

See a list of our Gold Star Award recipients!


If you have any questions, please contact Amy Osinski at 994-2232 or email to osinski@aaps.k12.mi.us


Award Recipients