Frequently Asked Questions Regarding MyPaymentsPlus

Q. Why did the District make the decision to switch from the previous system to MyPaymentsPlus?
A. In order to more efficiently serve the parents and students, the District upgraded our on-line student access system. MyPaymentsPlus is a more comprehensive, innovative tool. One of the main features of the new system is the ability to immediately (within an hour) post payments to student accounts.
Q. Why is there a charge to use MyPaymentsPlus?
A. The fee is the payment for the service provided by MyPaymentsPlus to process the payment in a secure environment.

Q. Was there a charge to use the previous system?
A. Yes. The charge for this service was 4.5% of the total payment applied to the account. In the previous years the District absorbed the cost.

Q. Does the District get the $2 fee that is charged?
A. No. The district does not get any of the $2 fee that is charged to the account. 100% of the fee goes to the service provider (MyPaymentsPlus).

Q. Is the $2 fee charged each time you access your account?
A. The fee is charged only when a deposit is made to a student’s account. Parents can still access their student’s accounts to view information such as current balance, itemized listing of charges etc…, without incurring a fee.

Q. Do parents have other options to make deposits on their child’s accounts?
A. Yes. Parents still have the options of mailing payments to the Food Service Department, sending payments to school with your child, dropping off payments at school or paying in person.

Q. What information do I need in order to set up an account with MyPaymentsPlus?
A.  To register you will need to have the school Student ID number assigned to your child, which can be acquired at the school.

Q: Is this system secure?
A.  The MyPaymentsPlus system makes security a priority. They utilize the same security methods used by online banking services today.