EASE Daily Annoucements

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 Week of October 10, 2011

Almost a third of all energy used in public schools across the U.S. is wasted. What can you do to change this?

If you turn off the lights in one classroom for one hour you can keep more than two pounds of pollutants out of the environment.

Two gallons of tap water is needed to make 1 gallon of bottled water. Think again before picking up bottled water; try using a water bottle instead.

Do you know how much energy and water your school is using? Go to the Ann Arbor Public School Website and click on the EASE: Energy Awareness and Sustainability Education icon to find out.

Week of October 17, 2011

It takes 16 times more energy to make a new aluminum soda can than to recycle one.

Did you know that if you took a dip this summer at Buhr, Fuller or Veterans pool that you were taking advantage of solar energy? The water at these pools is warmed with solar panels saving about $4500 a year in energy costs.

Americans throw away enough office paper every year to build a 12 foot wall stretching from LA to NY. Let’s help tear down this wall and remember to recycle.

Can you imagine how much energy your family car would use in 156 years? Difficult right? Well, that is how much the world uses every second of every day. Every time you blink, the world uses the equivalent of 85,000 gallons of gasoline.