Special Events


Some special event highlights planned for 2009-2010:


Simulation Lab

The Health Sciences students will be observing medical student training at the Clinical Simulation Center at The University of Michigan Medical Center. The purpose of the CSC is to provide safe opportunities for practicing patient care in a state of the art simulation environment.



Elementary School Health Fairs

We will be piloting a district wide program partnering the Health Sciences students with the Ann Arbor elementary schools. The Health Sciences students will go to each of the participating elementary schools to provide basic health screening, including assessing student blood pressure. The elementary students will have the opportunity to observe AED trainer use by the Health Sciences students. The high school students will also utilize specially prepared porcine lungs to compare healthy lungs with those damaged by cigarette smoke.


The purpose of this partnership is multifaceted. It gives the Health Sciences students an opportunity to share their knowledge with the community.  The elementary aged children are able to see a preview of a high school program they may work toward being involved in when they are 12th graders. This program exposes young students to health careers, as well as providing education regarding healthy life style choices.



Great American Smoke Out

The Health Sciences students will again provide an educational forum at Huron and Pioneer High Schools for the “Great American Smoke Out” in November. This long standing tradition in each high school provides information through displays, hands on exploration of simulated human lungs, and handouts. The Health Sciences students are ambassadors to their peers for factual information about tobacco use.