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Important Contacts   School Schedule
Office Ann Arbor Open
(734) 994-1910
920 Miller Avenue 
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
  Daily Schedule:
Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m
Principal Kathy Scarnecchia
  Program Dates:
July 8th - August 2nd
Transportation (734) 994-2330   Orientation:
Monday June 17th 6-7 p.m
Rec. & Ed
Vickie Malcolm
(734) 994-2300
  Family Open House:
Wednesday July 24th from 6-7 p.m.

Will attending the SLI/Math Enrichment negatively affect my child’s self esteem?
Our experience is the opposite.  As children make gains in their literacy and math work they feel good about themselves.  When thinking about self-esteem, there is no substitute for the kind of rapid progress and good teaching that occurs at the SLI.

Will my child be grouped with only low achieving children?
Students are referred for math or literacy concerns and most children come with areas of strength as well as areas of concern.  Classes are balanced for a range of learning styles and achievement levels within each group.

Will my child enjoy the SLI program?
It has been our experience that children are very enthusiastic about the SLI.  Although we are always working, learning is constructed in ways that promote success and that children find rewarding.  Children regularly report feeling capable and accomplished. Students are exposed to new and interesting strategies not necessarily available during the school year.

Will the program for incoming first grade children be academically focused? The program for incoming first grade children will include supporting mathematics and literacy skill development through the use of language, music and movement.  Developmentally appropriate songs, games and movement will directly support curriculum goals. Students who attended last year demonstrated high levels of preparedness for success in first grade.

Who attends the SLI?  Who is a part of the learning community?
In addition to our district students who have been referred by their classroom teachers, there are other learners on the SLI campus.  To begin with, the teachers who work in the SLI have been chosen not only for their effectiveness, but also for their commitment to ongoing learning.  Teachers see the SLI as an opportunity to refine their practice through collaboration, training, and coaching.  As in the past, district teachers, principals, teachers involved in the University of Michigan Elementary Master of Arts with Certification (ELMAC) program will be on campus for training.

Tell me about the literacy curriculum.
The literacy curriculum focuses on the instructional level of each student.  During the literacy block, students will have daily guided reading opportunities and related phonics and word work instruction.  There will be a strong focus on writing at all grade levels, with daily mini-lessons and writing for authentic purposes in the writing workshop.

What is Read 180 Program?
Read 180 is a cutting edge technology-enhanced reading program used as an upper elementary reading program for “fragile, less motivated” readers. The district has implemented this program for 4 years. To date, the results have been exceptional. The program is designed to increase fluency and comprehension in a variety of expanded genres. Pre and post assessments are embedded in the program for ongoing monitoring of student progress. This program along, with System 44, will be used in the SLI program for incoming third graders.

Tell me about the math curriculum.
Key outcomes are identified at each level using the district’s mathematics curriculum.   There will be whole group mathematics instruction every day, with opportunities for small, guided math groups, math centers and individualized support.  Instructional focus will be on developing and deepening foundational number sense essential for more complex computation and problem solving. Pre- and post-assessments measure progress towards goals to build success for the student’s upcoming grade level.  Instruction is delivered in a variety of ways in order to match the needs and learning style of each student.

How do I handle absences?
Please call the office at Ann Arbor Open (734) 994-1910 if your child is going to miss school for any reason. Leave a message with the school secretary or on voicemail.

What if we take a vacation?
We have reserved placements in the Summer Learning Institute (SLI) for families who are able to commit to attending the entire program. There are a limited number of days in the schedule. The effectiveness of this intervention is dependent on consistent attendance. We have a strict attendance policy in which students who have missed three days are dropped from the program. Please plan your vacations before or after the summer school program dates.

What do I do if my child misses the bus or I have other transportation concerns?
Please call the Transportation office at (734) 994-2330 with any transportation concerns for your family. Students dropped off to school late should stop in the Main Office and sign-in before going to class.

How do I arrange for camp and are there scholarships available?
At open house on Friday June 8th, materials and forms will be available for registration or application for scholarships. Please contact Vickie Malcolm at Community Rec. & Ed. (734) 994-2300 or if you have any further questions or need assistance.

How do I communicate with my child’s teacher or will there be parent-teacher conferences?
Email addresses for teachers will be made available to families when school begins. You may also leave a message in the school office or with the SLI Principal Natasha York at 734-994-1910.  There is not a formal parent-teacher conference event as there is in the regular school year. However families are encouraged to attend the SLI Open House on Wednesday July 25, 2012 from 6-7p.m.

What if my child has an allergy or other health concern?
While we do receive a copy of student health plans from their home school, please make sure that records reflect the most current information such as summer contacts and emergency numbers. This information should be given to the SLI school nurse or office professional.  A nurse will be available at the building or on call to assist with student needs and address parent concerns.  Medications that students need to have with them at school is kept in the main office.

Will there be homework?
Students will be working hard and engaged in learning for 4 hours per day and should enjoy the rest of their summer day. There is no homework for SLI students

Will students get a report card?
Students will receive a report card that reflects their achievement and progress toward SLI goals. This report will be sent to families and to the home school.

Can students attend just the math or literacy portion of the day?
In order to attend the SLI children need to attend both portions of the day. Learning in either of these content areas directly benefits in the other.  Mathematical reasoning involves use of complex language structures that support growth in the reading process.  Abstract thinking developed through Mathematical Reasoning supports development of reading comprehension.  While each area may focus on a discreet set of skills the activities student are immersed in will compliment learning in either area.

Will students get recess at SLI?
Everyday between their Literacy and Math instruction students will receive a 20 minute break for a light snack and recess.

Will snack be served and can I send my own?
Due to food allergy concerns, the summer learning institute serves children their snack.  If a student has special dietary concerns we will be happy to plan with you to accommodate their needs. Please do not send alternative snacks to school without conferring with the office.

Will breakfast be served?
Breakfast will not be served during SLI. Please make sure that students receive a healthy meal before school, which will allow them to make the most of their time at SLI.