Our Schools

Directory of Schools
Links to school web sites and contact information for each school.

District Map
Want to know where a particular building is in our district? Look here!

Boundary Maps
Map of attendance boundaries for elementary, middle and high schools.

ADA Maps
Maps of ADA accessible entrances & walkways at our schools and administrative buildings

Feeder Schools
See which elementary schools feed into which middle schools, and which middle schools feed into which high schools.

Annual Education Reports
These State-mandated reports include statistical information, school improvement goals, and more about each of our buildings.

Bell Schedules
Start and end times vary in our buildings; check this schedule to find out when the bell rings for your school.

School Cancellations
A listing of radio stations and television stations we alert when our schools will be closed.

School Lunch Menus
Check here for the district-wide lunch menus, published monthly (posted on the Dining Services web site.)

Attendance-Area-by-Street Directory*
Want to know which elementary, middle or high school children in your neighborhood attend? Wondering what the Walk & Ride boundaries are for each school? Looking for which streets feed into a particular AAPS school? Search our directory!

School Safety
Guidelines for Wind Chill safety are posted here, as well as other Safety Procedures.

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