Using Fields in Reports

PowerSchool includes a number of different report formats that building staff can easily customize:

  • Report Cards
  • Form Letters
  • Labels

Some reports are entirely composed of field data while others combine extra text that you add to the page. Text is positioned horizontally on the page using tabs. Note: If you have ever done a mail merge in Microsoft Word, you will recognize the process and tags used to tell PowerSchool that you want it to insert field data into the letter/label/report.

When indicating that you want field data in the report, you will put a carat (^) in front of the field or DAT and enclose the object in parentheses:

^(first_name) ^(last_name)  GPA: ^(gpa method="weighted")

Code Operators

In addition to the fields and DATs, PowerSchool also includes some built in codes and code modifiers for commonly used items like dates, phone numbers and school information.

^[date] 9/8/2009
^[] September 8, 2009
^[] Tues, Sep 9, 2009
^[time] 11:30 AM


^(entrydate; dateformat=YYYYMMDD)

Use the dateformat modifier to change the way the date in the referenced field is shown or exported.
^(*gpa method="weighted"; format=###0.000) Sets the number of digits shown in decimals.







15 years 3 months

15 years 3 months 22 days

^(schoolname) Ann Arbor Open @ Mack School 
^(schoolabbr)  AAO 






PowerSchool uses 'smart pronouns', choosing the correct option based on the gender entered for the student. Good idea to make sure gender is filled in for all the students; search gender=


^([schools]schoolphone) Pulls the school phone number from the Schools table.