Determining Whom to Report in MCIR

Current year entry date and code are in the Student table. Previous year entry data is in the Reenrollments table. To make it possible for you guys to search entirely in Student, I find the kids in the Reenrollment table and match the records to the Student table to and put an X in the immunizaton_dpt field in Student.

To get the kids, you first search for entry codes that are not 'internal' transfers:

First, find the kids new to the district in the current school year and calendar year:

In the next screen, knock out the original search term and type in (WITH the plus):

That will add the kids who have an 'external' entry code and an entry date after 1/1/2014. (ITD flags these records in PowerSchool in August each year.)

If you are an elementary (except AAO), you would next add on the kindergarten kids:

At Allen and Thurston, run this step last to leave off the preschoolers:

If you are a middle school, you have a change starting in 2014-15. You will want to add on the 7th graders instead of the 6th graders:

If you are Ann Arbor Open, you would use the following to pick up both Ks and 7s:
+grade_level in 0,7

The resulting kids should be the ones you want. There is a handy, dandy Export Template that will dump out the names in the exact format that MCIR requires. In the group functions, choose 'Export Using Template', then 'Students', and finally 'MCIR Roster Upload.' Save the file as yourschoolname.txt and proceed to the MCIR website.

NOTE!: If you have your browser set to open all PowerSchool exports in Excel, you will have trouble with the resulting file! Use a different browser that doesn't automatically open Excel (try Safari) or call ITD for help on how to edit the file. Excel automatically places quotes around the exported entries which must be stripped out in a text editor.

On the MCIR website, go to the Build Roster screen and choose 'Load External File'. See second link below for detailed steps to upload the list.

There are helpful notes available from MCIR regarding quickly cleaning out and then uploading new students. See the following items under Resource Library in the Schools/Childcares section: