Working With Parent/Guardian Data

PowerSchool comes built with mother, father and guardian--up to three contacts per student. AAPS added custom fields to allow mother, father, parent/guardian 3 and parent/guardian 4 so that each student could have two separate households if needed. Each of the four possible contacts has a checkbox to note whether the person lives at the same address as the student. These adults would be considered the primary household. A secondary household address space was also added to PowerSchool so that a parent/guardian with an address other than that of the student may request that mailings be sent to them. All listed email addresses and phone numbers for the four parent/guardian slots are uploaded to SchoolMessenger. Parents interested in receiving PowerSchool generated reports on grades/attendance can enter their email addresses in the parent portal. Parents/Guardians can also indicate address, phone and email changes in the parent portal. Changes entered there are periodically checked by the building staff and loaded into the live records.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Starting February 15, 2013 Ann Arbor Public Schools will enable a new feature on the parent portal called Single Sign On or SSO. Up to now, parents had to share a single parent access code and password for each student to be able to log into the Parent Portal. SSO allows each parent to set up their own login and to link those logins to each of their students. If they forget their user name or password, the system will email them a prompt to allow them to get in. In order to set up the new SSO accounts, parents will need their existing _parent_ access ids and passwords for each of their kids. Students new to the district will need to have new access accounts created just as in the past. Once SSO is enabled, the login screen will change and have a separate section for creating new login accounts. You can get an idea of the process on the parent portal help site.

In terms of the way you see parent accounts, there will be two changes. First, an updated version of the reminder letter has been added so that any new parents or parents who cannot locate their web ids can get both the login info as well as the new steps for setting up an account. Second, you will be able to see the accounts they set up for themselves on the Access Accounts page where you can edit, add, or remove accounts as needed. As with other PowerSchool functions, clicking the 'Help' link in the upper right corner of the screen will let you access the built-in help documents.

Mobile Applications Activated 2/15/2013

Pearson recently released PowerSchool apps for students, parents and teachers which are compatible with the iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®. Use of the mobile apps requires that SSO be in use. Starting February 15, 2013 the Mobile Apps will become usable. Those users with non-Apple devices, such as Android phones and tablets, should note that PowerSchool will continue to work on your existing mobile browser and will continue to automatically show the mobile version of the portal which is optimized for small screens.