Checking Your Data For Completeness, Accuracy

Searching for Blanks

If there are fields that are mandatory for reporting, you can use the search field on the Start Page to find records that are blank. The format for the search is fieldname=    (with nothing, a blank) after the equal sign.


Birthdate dob=
Gender gender=
Ethnic Code ethnicity=
City/Place of Birth MI_SRSD_BirthCity=


Student List and Sorting

Another strategy is to list a number of important fields using the Student List and sort that data to look for errors, be they blanks, mismatches or entries that are too short or too long compared to the others. Once you get the fields displayed by using the Gridlines option, note that you can select and copy them right from the screen and paste them directly into Excel. Then you can sort easily sort and filter data to find errors.