Site Administration Links

Configure an Existing Site (, 10-31-2004)
Login here if you have a site on the GVC.SiteMaker system that you want to make changes to or manage.

Forget Your Password? (, 04-03-2009)

Request a Site (, 10-31-2004)
If you already have a GVC.SiteMaker user account, you may use this link to request an additional SiteMaker site. If you don't have a user account, contact the district webmaster (vandoren@aaps..) to request one.

Directory of SiteMaker Sites (, 11-11-2004)

Change Login Password (, 10-31-2004)

Style/Template Administration (, 10-31-2004)
Login here to upload or manage styles or templates; requires Template Administrator status.

Unit Manager/SiteMaker Administrator Login (, 10-31-2004)
Login here to create new sites, or manage administrative details of sites; requires Unit Manager or System Administrator status.

Resources for SiteMaker Users (/, 09-12-2013)
This site serves to provide examples and instructions for specific tasks within SiteMaker.

GVC.SiteMaker v4.6 manual (, 02-13-2009)
This file is large (15.6 mb) and may take several minutes to download on a slower connection. Requires Acrobat Reader to open.