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Browser Tips | Login Tips

Browser Tips

When you first launch the CMT Payroll Inquiry site, you may be presented with one or more security certification warnings; you can go ahead and click OK/Continue to proceed.  Below are tips specific to individual browsers on the Mac and PC platforms.

PLEASE NOTE: The CMT Payroll Inquiry site will not work if your browser blocks popup windows, or if you are using some external software or utility to block popups (e.g. Yahoo Toolbar). Instructions on how to un-block popups in certain browsers are below; if you are using an external popup blocker application, please refer to the Help that came with the software, or contact the manufacturer to find out how to unblock popups for the CMT Payroll Inquiry site. Please do not contact AAPS; we do not support non-district software.

Apple Computer

Safari, Firefox 2.0 and Netscape 7.0 have all been verified as compatible with the CMT Payroll Inquiry system.  Internet Explorer is not compatible with the system.

Safari Notes:

Safari will work without issue with the CMT Payroll Inquiry site as long as pop-up blocking is disabled.  You can toggle pop-up blocking on and off through the Safari menu (blocking is on if there is a check mark next to Block Pop-Up Windows) or by hitting Apple-K on your keyboard.

Firefox Notes:

Firefox will work without issue with the CMT Payroll Inquiry site as long as pop-up blocking is disabled.  You can disable Pop-up Blocking by going to the Firefox Preferences, select the Content tab and make sure the "Block pop-up windows' is not checked.

Netscape 7.0 Notes:

Netscape 7.0 will work with the CMT Payroll Inquiry site, but you need to add the site to the Allowed Sites for pop-ups.  To do so:
1) Open up Netscape Preferences
2) Expand the Privacy & Security preference category on the left, then click Popup Windows in the sublist.
3) Click the Allowed Sites... button to the right of the Block unrequested popup windows option at the top of the window
4) Enter into the "Allow popups..." field, click the Add button, then click OK
5) Click OK to save your preference changes

You may find that when you first launch the Payroll Inquiry site, it flashes a small window, then shows you just a gray screen.  If this happens, click the Refresh/Reload button in the button bar of Netscape, and that should launch the site successfully.

Windows Computer

Internet Explorer and Firefox have both been verified to work with the CMT Payroll Inquiry site; Netscape 8.0 will work but there are several preference changes one must make to allow it to work, so we will not be covering it on this tipsheet.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer will launch the CMT Payroll Site without issue; you should not have to make any adjustments to settings.


Firefox will launch the CMT Payroll Inquiry site as long as pop-ups from the site have been allowed.  To do so:
1) Select Options.. from the Tools menu
2) Click on the Web Features icon on the left, then click the Allowed Sites button to the right of Block Popup Windows
3) Enter into the Address of web site field, click the Allow button, then click OK to close the window.
4) Click the OK button to save your changes to the preferences.

Login Tips


If you need assistance connecting to the Payroll Inquiry page, please contact the ITD Help Desk for assistance. 994-5040 M-F, 7am-5PM.

Resetting Your Password

  • When you log in to the system for the first time, please reset your password to something secure (and something you can remember!)  To do so, enter your username and assigned password on the Login screen, and just below enter your new password (twice, once in each new password box), then click Login.
  • When selecting a new password, it can not start with a number or be all numbers and must be between 6 and 8 characters in length.
  • If you forget your password, you must email the Help Desk to have your ID reset within 24 hours (Monday - Friday).