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Seussical Postcards
Approved for elementary distribution via back packs
10/17/2014 Filename: seussical.pdf (MIME Type: application/pdf; Size: 79.0 Kb)
Halloween UM Museum
Approved to distribute at elementaries via back pack mail
AA Junior Volunteer Flyer
Approved to display posters in MS, AA Open and STEAM at Northside. Approved to display/handout flyers in MS
10/14/2014 Filename: aa_park_junior_vol.pdf (MIME Type: application/pdf; Size: 117.0 Kb)
OK2Say poster
Approved to post in all AAPS schools
UM ADHD/Divorce Workshops
Approved for back pack distribution at elementaries and general distribution in secondary
CDC EnteroVirus EV68 poster
Approved for posting in all AAPS schools/buildings
09/23/2014 Filename: enterovirus_poster.pdf (MIME Type: application/pdf; Size: 88.0 Kb)
Not Just For Kids Michigan Theater brouchure
Brouchure approved for back pack distribution at all elementaries
Ann Arbor Symphony Brochure
Approved to distribute as labeled/addressed
Hikone Student Delegation Documentary Poster
Approved to post in MS, HS, Pathways
Wild Swan Theatre packets
Approved to share with teachers
Washtenaw Health Plan
Approved for back pack distribution and display in public areas in elementaries. Approved for distribution/display at Pathways, Huron and Scarlett
09/09/2014 Filename: washtenaw_health_plan.pdf (MIME Type: application/pdf; Size: 154.0 Kb)
Great Lakes Zoological
Approved to distribute to teachers. Info on field trips and classroom visits
AAPS Rec&Ed Flyers - ALL - ANY date - ANY class
ALL AAPS Rec&Ed flyers approved for back pack distribution ALL AAPS Rec&Ed posters approved for display ALL AAPS Rec&Ed lawn signs approved for display on school property
B&N Educator Appreciation Days - ALL dates approved for 2014-15
ALL Girl Scout and Boy Scout Flyers for 2014-15
All flyers approved for back pack distribution All posters approved for display All lawn signs approved for display on school property