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Earth Day at Leslie Sci Ctr
Approved for back pack distribution.
03/24/2015 Filename: earth_day_backpack_flyer_2015.pdf (MIME Type: application/pdf; Size: 159.0 Kb)
Ann Arbor Fire Department Banner Contest
Approved to send home via back pack distribution with 3-5 graders and display for interested 6th graders. Please return completed entries via inter office mail to Ann Judge - Balas, Communications by 3/31. Thank you!
Westbrook Apartments
For teacher lounge only. Drop off only. Property group may deliver basket of treats for staff; may include literature about their property rentals. The Westbrook property staff may not remain on site or in teacher lounge to pitch their properties. Approved at District level, however, Principals may decline if they prefer not to display basket/promotional materials.
Rotary Food Drive
Rotary Food Drive poster/flyer approved to distribute in all buildings. Schools may email, copy, post, send home via back pack if desired.
03/13/2015 Filename: rotary_food_drive.pdf (MIME Type: application/pdf; Size: 363.0 Kb)
Girl Scout/Ross School of Businees
Flyers approved to send home with grades 2-5. Girls new to Scouting.
The Petting Farm
Flyer, brochure, business card approved to share with elementary teachers, preschools.
Jaycee Spring Eggstravaganva
Flyer approved to send home via back pack - K through 2nd grades. Flyer approved to post in schools
03/13/2015 Filename: jaycee_spring_eggstravaganza.pdf (MIME Type: application/pdf; Size: 2551.0 Kb)
University of Michigan 2015 workshops (event calendar)
Approved to send home ot families via back pack distribution. Flyer includes info on ADHD workshop and Parenting through Separation and Divorce
Rotary/AAPS Food Drive - Fight Summer Hunger
Flyer approved for distribution, insclusion in newsletters, posting in all AAPS buildings. Color copies being sent to buildings to display during the District wide food drive. Post on the food collection cartons and throughout buildings. Food Drive runs 3/16-3/27
03/06/2015 Filename: rotary_aaps_food_drive.pdf (MIME Type: application/pdf; Size: 363.0 Kb)
UM Brain Sci Discovery
Approved to post in schools and send home via back pack mail
02/09/2015 Filename: um_brainddbp.pdf (MIME Type: application/pdf; Size: 414.0 Kb)
Kids' Art Fair - Grades 3-8 AA Street Art Fair
Flyers ok to share with Art teachers for grades Ann Arbor Street Art Fair Jury sessions in April
Girl Scout Frozen flyers
(sent by email) OK to share - for girls K-1 who are not currently registered Girl Scouts
Game Start - Inspire Her to Code
Approved to distribute, post for 5th - 12th grade girls.
Continue the Conversation posters
Approved to post in all buildings
Washtenaw Camp Placement
Approved to route to SW, Counselors and Principals
Omega Talent Search
Approved to post flyer and distribute application to interested HS music students.
Give365/Vet's Spark/AA Park & Rec
Approved to post at Haisley, Abbot, Slauson, Eberwhite, Bach, Lakewood and Forsythe
Youth Orchestra Postcards
Approved to distribute via back pack mail
CAN brochures
Approved for display at Pattengill and Bryant
Flyer/postcards and posters approved for distribution via back pack mail and posting in schools