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P2P Passport to Pittsfield
Approved to post/display and send via back pack mail - select buildings for Pittsfield Twsp
Young Actors Guild - Tom Sawyer poster
Poster approved for posting in elementary buildings
Youth Day of Caring
04/07/2014 Filename: youth_day_of_caring.pdf (MIME Type: application/pdf; Size: 3084.0 Kb)
YPT Wizard of Oz
Postcard approved for back pack mail at: Abbot Angell Ann Arbor Open Bach Bryant Burns Park Dicken Eberwhite Haisley King Lakewood Lawton Logan Pattengill Pittsfield Wines
03/20/2014 Filename: yptwizardofozpostcard2014.jpeg (MIME Type: image/jpeg; Size: 44.0 Kb)
Earth Day Flyer
Approved for back pack mail and posting - elementary
03/19/2014 Filename: earthdaybkflyer2014.pdf (MIME Type: application/pdf; Size: 137.0 Kb)
Touch a Truck flyer 2014
03/18/2014 Filename: 2014_touch_a_truck_.pdf (MIME Type: application/pdf; Size: 1268.0 Kb)
Arab-Amer Parent Support Group
Approved to post in AAPS school buildings
02/11/2014 Filename: arab-amer_parent_support.pdf (MIME Type: application/pdf; Size: 173.0 Kb)
AAPS Rec&Ed Flyers - ALL - ANY date - ANY class
All Rec&Ed flyers (any date/class topic) are approved for back pack mail and/or posting in schools
B&N Educator Appreciation Days - ALL dates approved
Approved to display in staff lounge/work areas
Reptile Zoo - GLZS
Approved to display in lobbies/offices for families' access (not back pack mail)
11/07/2013 Filename: reptile_zoo_glzs.pdf (MIME Type: application/pdf; Size: 343.0 Kb)
Dawn Farms Teens & Drugs for MS & HS
09/30/2013 Filename: dawnfarmsteensdrugs.pdf (MIME Type: application/pdf; Size: 385.0 Kb)
Boy Scout and Girl Scout Flyers