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 1414 Wells Street
 Ann Arbor, MI  48104
 Chuck Hatt, Principal

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 2014-15 AAPS  Back to School Guide


Friday Morning Hockey

-From 8:10am-8:40am
- Who: For students in the grades of 4th-5th grade and their parents

  • Tues. Dec. 16 : 5th Grade Play, 10:00 am and 6:30 pm in auditorium, Americana Theme.
  • Tues. Dec. 16 - Fri. Dec. 19 : Music Class Share Days
    • Tuesday, December 16: Grade 1 (Ambrosino and Monts)
    • Wednesday, December 17 : Grade 2, Grade 1 (Chappuis), and Grade 4 (Spiegel)**
    • Thursday, December 18: Grade 3
    • Friday, December 19: Grade 4 and Kindergarten
  • Fri. Dec. 19 : Assembly/Tappan Choir, 9:15 am - 9:40 am
  • Mon. Dec. 22  through Fri. Jan. 2, 2015 : Winter Vacation


***Young 5's Program - Expanded Locations!
The Ann Arbor Public Schools Young 5's program offers an alternative educational program for children whose parents feel that they are not yet ready for a traditional Kindergarten experience. Students are eligible for the Young 5's program if they live in the AAPS district and have turned 5 by May 1, 2014 but no later then October 1, 2014, or by December 1, 2014 with a waiver.

For more information and the locations of the Young 5's program, please follow this link.

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From Your Principal,

Dear Burns Park Families,

Yesterday was a sequential day as the number of the month, day, and year, lined up in order (12/13/14), at least for those of us who name the month before the day. This is the last time this naming occurrence will happen in the current century.

I’m linking to a article describing some other interesting number sequences to think about with your family. These will occur over the next 89 years and our students are likely to be around for most, if not all of them!

Like many of you, I’m beginning to reflect on 2014 and the many events for which I’m grateful. In this season of giving, I’m remembering our visit from R. J. Palacio that was Hailey Bretzius’ wish for our Burns Park family last spring. Here is a YouTube link about that very special day.

Thanks also to those who were able to participate in our online book fair. The company we have been working with has asked Rachel to write a testimonial to encourage other schools to try it out. In return, they've offered a box of free books for our library. We're on the cutting edge of book fairs at Burns Park!

Here is an official update from Ms. Erdstein: 

Online Book Fair a Success!

Thank you to those families who participated in our first Online Book Fair! In ten days, over 50 orders were placed and the school library earned $589.  I look forward to spending that money to fulfill student requests and purchase more books. I hope that those of you who participated found this to be a quality and satisfying experience. We will certainly try it again in the future.

Thanks again, Rachel Erdstein

This week Rekha Desai will lead a team of parent volunteers in setting up second grade students with Khan Academy accounts. This effort will complete enrollment for grades 2-5. We expect to offer after school Math Club opportunities in January. Stay tuned for further updates!

Many wonderful opportunities for fun and learning occur every day and in every classroom. Want to know more? We have a Facebook page for Burns Park Elementary School and I’m making a renewed effort to post frequently. You can check here for interesting educational articles and pictures of special activities.

If you have something you’d like to offer, please send it my way and I will make sure it is posted.

I’ve hosted several families in the past few weeks that are either moving into the area or considering our school for their incoming kindergarten students. As I walk with them through our halls and describe our programming, they are pleased and excited by the conversations they hear from your children, the excellent teaching and school climate they observe, and innovative programming that you support.

The fact that we are unique in offering world language instruction in all six grades is a distinction for our school. Prospective families are impressed, and particularly so when I explain that the Burns Park World Language Initiative is an effort conceived and supported by our parent and family community.

Please keep an eye out this week for a special backpack letter describing our success this year in our expansion of the BPWLI and asking for pledges and contributions from those who are able. I hope you will consider joining me, and my wife Vickie, in support of programming that will make a significant difference in the social and academic futures of our children.

As always, I am grateful to be a part of our school community and family. I’m sure I will be communicating by email from time to time in the coming week but I want to make sure that I wish you a restful and fun vacation with your children and joy in holiday celebrations in which you participate.

With Care and Affection,

Chuck Hatt

Ann Arbor Public Schools