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 Chuck Hatt, Principal

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  • Thursday, Apr. 17 : PTO Meeting
  • Friday, Apr. 18 : No School
  • Sunday, May 4 : Burns Park Run, See this site

***WALK AND TALK - Delayed Until After Spring Break
Unfortunately, the ice and snow have taken a beating on the field near Burns Park and it is just not suitable for Walk and Talk to begin just yet. Do not despair - we hope to have the kids out running and walking to earn their toe tags beginning on MONDAY, APRIL 14TH.

***Science Olympiad

Sign up sheets have gone home for this year's Burns Park Science Olympiad.  This year's competition will be held at Pioneer on May 10th and involve 26 schools.  All kids in 2nd through 5th grade can participate.  There are many events to choose from including knowledge events to building events.  Practices will begin in February and are held Sunday afternoons.  Please turn in the sign up sheets to the school office or sign up online at

Any questions, contact Yeong Kwok.

 ***Young 5's Program - Expanded Locations!
The Ann Arbor Public Schools Young 5's program offers an alternative educational program for children whose parents feel that they are not yet ready for a traditional Kindergarten experience. Students are eligible for the Young 5's program if they live in the AAPS district and have turned 5 by May 1, 2014 but no later then October 1, 2014, or by December 1, 2014 with a waiver.

For more information and the locations of the Young 5's program, please follow this link.

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Weekly News from Your Principal, 4/14/2014

Dear Burns Park Families,

As Jen said in her PTO email, “let the wild spring rumpus begin”! It’s so exciting to be outdoors and exhausting ourselves with play again. I’m looking forward to joining students, and especially Kindergartners, for Walk and Talk. Thanks so much to the parent volunteers who make this happen.

Weather permitting Mr. Leonard’s Running Club will be meeting Tuesday before school at 8:10 and Thursday immediately after school until 4:30.  Please let Julie Grand know if you are participating (if you’ve not already) via email at

I have a feeling that lots of us, including Girls on the Run and Mr. Leonard’s Running Club are gearing up for The Burns Park Run. I’m looking forward to working with you in this amazing fund raising and fitness promoting event.

As our School Improvement Team gets started on our annual School Improvement Plan, our achievement data suggests a focus on Science and Mathematics for the coming year. I’ll be sharing more as the conversation evolves.

As you may have already heard, Joan Fitzgibbon will be the new principal at the Northside STEAM school. Joan is a skilled and capable leader and I am sure that all schools in the district will benefit from this work. I’m hopeful that a greater emphasis on project-based and STEAM aligned learning can be a part of our curriculum and program here at Burns Park.

I’m looking forward to seeing our student’s Science projects at the upcoming Science Olympiad on May 10th. More details will follow as this event draws closer.

Rabindar Subbian brought this Rec and Ed class on Basic Electronics for K-2 students to my attention. Starting Tue Apr 22, 2014, for 7 weeks (till Jun 3, 2014) each Tuesday afternoon from 3:50 - 4:50 p.m. kids will be learning about electricity and circuits using Elenco Snap-on circuits and more. The Rec & Ed class is aimed at Grades K-2.

I urge you to register your child before spots fill up if you think your son or daughter could benefit from a great class that could inspire or further their interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) topics.


How did Ben Franklin figure out a way to harness electricity? By playing around with it! This class will be more fun than playing with lightning: using electronic snap-on circuits to learn the basics of electricity, and then replicating some of the same experiments with plain old wires and alligator clips. Under our well-grounded guidance, your students will build and learn about: series and parallel circuits, electronic devices that make "choices", noise maker circuits, motion and light-activated alarm circuits, and more. Instructor: Brain Monkeys staff. 7 weeks.


Class Code: Basic Electronics @ Burns Park Gr. K-2 - 1313.301

To register please go to

More information about this exciting course is at

So what is the difference between STEM and STEAM? A couple of years ago, when our district first began implementing a two million dollar STEM grant from Toyota, we were urged by our partners at The Kennedy Center to include an arts emphasis in project-based learning involving Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

An argument for this inclusion from John Maeda, President of the Rhode Island School of Design is made here (with a special perspective from Elmo of Sesame Street fame).

As I’ve worked with your children this year I’m again reminded that we tend to become like the people that we spend time with. Lucky me. I’ve been affected by your children’s wonder at the world around them, their fanciful sense of humor, and their ferocious appetite for play. One consequence for me has been a renewed love affair without that most amazing machine; the bicycle.

I’ve rediscovered that there are lots of artistic connections to bikes and I offer you this winsome and charming video I found on Vimeo called The Bicycle Cap.

I think you’ll enjoy watching this and perhaps want to share it with your children.

Happy Spring! I’m looking forward to seeing you at school, on a walk, or perhaps on a bike trail and at all of our upcoming events.

Your Principal,

Chuck Hatt

Ann Arbor Public Schools