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Mrs. Morningstar

Scientific investigation is an essential part of life.  It is the hope of this project to further enhance student interest and skill in the investigative and documentation areas of science.  It is realized that not all students are interested in doing a full-fledged science fair project complete with display board and model.  However, all students are required to either conduct an experiment or research a concept/theory in a detailed and comprehensive report to be turned in for a grade.

Scinece Project Proposal

      -- is a form that allows students to come up with 3 ideas they would like to do for their science project that the teacher must approve and parents must sign.

Science project ideas 1 and Science project ideas 2

     -- this helps students to come up with suggestions for experiments and/or research as they explore on their own.

Overall Project due dates

     -- this breaks down all the due dates for each phase of the science project, from start to end. It is a about a 5 month process where the students are guided throughout the whole project.

     -- If working with a partner, it must be an experiment. If working by yourself, then you can either do an experiment or a research paper.

     -- In any part of this process, I do not accept anything late. Students must make these deadlines, because I only have a certain window of time to get things back to students.

     -- Students need to look ahead and start the next phase of the project.

1st Quarter ---> October 31, 2013  Proposed research/experiment topics

                                                        and parent signature

2nd Quarter ---> December 11, 2013 Experiment: Detailed procedure and

                                                                                 materials list

                                                     OR  Research: 2-3 page background information

                                                                             of topic

                   ---> January 21, 2014 Experiment: Data tables, Graphs, and background

                                                         information to support experiment

                                                   OR   Research: Complete body of the paper with

                                                          pictures and bibliography

3rd Quarter ---> February 05, 2014  Both research and experiment needs a complete,

                                                             typed rough-draft of report – look at checklist as

                                                           your guidelines for the paper

                                                           (must include everything)

                   ---> February __, 2014 Entry form for Southeastern Michigan Science Fair

                                                             (For science fair participants only)

                  ---> March 06, 2014     Final draft of written reports/projects. Have poster board

                                                       for presentations and model ready

                                                       (for science fair participants and oral presentation)

                 ---> March 10 - 14, 2014   Classroom presentation on project

                                                           (5 – 10 minutes)

Experiment Check List

     -- this breaks down the guidelines and expectations to what should be included in the comprehensive experiment report.

Research Check List

     -- this breaks down the guidelines and expectations to what should be included in the comprehensive research report.

How to Write a Bibliography

    -- this breaks down how to write a proper bibliography using different sources.

Order Form for Science Boards

    -- this is the form where students can order science boards for a cheaper coast.

Oral Presentation Guidelines

   -- Need a visual aide (ie power point, board)

   -- Here are the guidelines that I look for in the presentations:

              1 = poorly done                        10 = Excellent

1) Did you project your voice so everyone could hear you?

2) Did you speak clearly and annunciate your words so you could be understood?

3) Did you look around to your audience? Make eye contact?

 4) Did you have visual aide for your project? (ex. Science board or handouts)

 5) Did you clearly explain your project?

 6) Were you able to answer your peers’ questions about your project?


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