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Small School, Open Minds • Michigan Reward School 2012, 2013
 401 N. Division
 Ann Arbor, MI  48104
 Main/Dean: (734)994-2025
 Attendance: 994-2021
 Comm. Resource: 994-2026
 Counseling: 994-2027
 FAX: 994-0042
 Marci Tuzinsky, Dean



The Community Resource Program


All new CR students must attend a face to face 
CR orientation.  Parents and instructors are not expected to attend but may if they would like to.  If a student took a CR previously, he/she can complete a virtual orientation and not attend a face to face session listed below.   

Thursday   9/11/2014 -  Huron HS, Media Center Computer Lab, during lunch

Friday   9/12/2014 - Pioneer HS, C231, 2nd floor Computer Lab, during both lunches

Friday   9/12/2014 - Community HS, Media Center Computer Lab, at the start of lunch (11:20)

Monday   9/15/2014 - Skyline HS , Media Center Lab, during both lunches

If a student has previously taken a CR, he/she can complete a virtual orientation under the assignment section of Moodle.      

Click on the moodle image below to access the AAPS moodle.  


What IS a CR?
A Community Resource (CR) class is....

  • A contracted learning experience taught by an “expert” member of the community.  The community expert who teaches the CR class must be a volunteer and cannot be paid for their services.
  • Awarding high school credit and a grade
  • Meeting either elective or compulsory graduation requirements
  • Monitored by certified AAPS teaching staff
  • Students meet with their volunteer instructor for 2 to 3 hours a week and work independently for another 2 to 3 hours a week for .5 credit or demonstrate mastery of the state standards
  • District wide common assessments may be required to grant credit in specific areas
What happens after I submit my CR application?
Once the completed paperwork is turned in to the CR office, we will contact the instructor and review the paperwork. If everything is in order, we send an approval email to all parties involved. If something about the course plan needs improvement, we will contact you about the issue. The student can begin working on the CR as soon as school starts.  The student will enter in Moodle what he/she has accomplished each week and keep all of his/her work to show the monitor at the marking periods.  The CR monitor (who is the AAPS teacher listed on PowerSchool) will contact the instructor for the grades and enter an oveall grade in PS at the marking period.
We go over Moodle and all of the above topics at the orientation

The 4 components to receive credit for a CR class.
1.  Structured meetings between a student and qualified volunteer that follow a syllabus approved by AAPS staff.
2.  Quarterly documentation submitted to the CR monitor
3.  Weekly summaries must be entered on the AAPS Moodle (video).
4.  Common Assessments may be required for some classes.


Are you planning a CR for a state-required classes?

 Click here for Michigan Department of Education High School Content Expectations.


Meet our CR Staff  

Find out who you should be talking to as you plan your CR.
For example, if you are planning a CR class in science, you will want to contact Rosi Simmer.

CR Office

Room 215 at Community High School

Phone: 734-994-2026

Fax:  734-994-6377

Questions about CR classes should be directed to the mentor for the content area of the CR class. CR Staff

Information about Online Courses can be found at

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