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Small School, Open Minds • Michigan Reward School 2012, 2013
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 Ann Arbor, MI  48104
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 Attendance: 994-2021
 Comm. Resource: 994-2026
 Counseling: 994-2027
 FAX: 994-0042
 Marci Tuzinsky, Dean


What You Must Include In Your CR Syllabus


I. Course Information

·           Course Title

·           Location of CR

·           Days and times that the CR Instructor and student meet.  

·           Days and times that the student works on course independently. Note if the location is different from above location.


II. Instructor Information

·           Full name

·           Contact Information - email and phone

·           Qualifications for instructor teaching this CR, e.g. degrees, course work, and/or experience.


III. Course Description and Objectives.

·           Briefly describe the course.

·               List the content expectations that students must successfully demonstrate. If the course will be used to fulfill a graduation requirement, then the State of Michigan high school course content expectations must be used. See a CR Monitor for a list or go to the Michigan Department of Education website ( links to all high school content expectations.


IV. Week By Week Description

·                A week-by-week description of what the student will be doing. List the topics to be covered, activities, assignments, quizzes, and/or tests, If the course is a graduation requirement, note which content expectations will be addressed each week.

·                If you are logging activities or participation, the logs need to be submitted to the CR Monitor quarterly. List the dates that you will submit the logs.


V. Texts, Books, Readings, Materials

·                The name of the books used for this course, author, date, and edition.

·                Supplementary readings. List any other readings, whether required or recommended, and whether readings are on reserve in the library or available for purchase in the bookstore.

·                Materials: any additional materials required. (e.g., art supplies, computer)


VI. Grading / Evaluation

·                If you have chosen a letter grade option, you must include a grading rubric. Clearly describe what needs to be done to earn an A, B, etc.

·                The pass / fail option is rarely used.  You must get pre-approval from a monitor.  If approved, you must include the criteria for receiving a passing grade.

·                If the course will be used to fulfill a graduation requirement, and that content has a common assessment, the student will be required to take the common assessment.


VII. Documentation of Work

·                All students must submit evidence of their work to the CR Monitor several times over the course of the semester.

·                 Explain what the student will be showing to the CR Monitor and how they will get it to the CR Monitor.

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