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 Marci Tuzinsky, Dean


Guidelines for World Language Community Resource (CR) classes at UM:

Students must have at least a 3.5 grade point average to take classes at UM.  Students must take a placement exam for most languages at U of M to determine which level they are best suited for.  The student then chooses the section and must get permission from the instructor to take the course for high school credit only.

Placement Exam
1) Choose a date to take the placement exam. You need to take the exam before the end of the AAPS school year or the first week of school of the fall.   Dates and times for French and Italian can be found on this link.  The Spanish placement exam is now online and does not require a specific time that it is taken but does require a guest account. Please contact the RLL Main Office ( to register and obtain instructions. Please be advised that students can only take the placement test one time during their high school careeers.

2) Notify Danelle Mosher at  of your date so I can notify UM to be on the lookout for your exam score so they can send the results to me.  They will only admit you to the exam with this prior arrangement.  You can also call Danelle in the CR office at 994-2026 but you must send me your email address so I can send you your results.  UM will notify me of your results and I will email them to you.

3)  For placement information in any other language than Russian, Hebrew, Spanish, French or Italian, please contact the department at UM for that language.  Contact Danelle Mosher if you would like to take the Hebrew or Russian placement exam or if you have any questions.

General Information and procedures

Moodle Pre-Registration
Students must pre-register in Moodle (linked on the home page of the CR website) before going through the process of finding the appropriate class and getting permission.  Enter the information that you know, leave blank what you don't know yet and go back and edit the form when you learn the details.

Choosing the section and getting permission
High school students are allowed to sit in and "take" a class at UM for high school credit through the Community Resource Department in AAPS, if the class is not full and if permission is granted by the UM instructor.  You can call the department of the class that you are interested in and ask if they have advice about which section might be the best option.  You can also find when the classes are offered (and sometimes who the instructor is) through UM's website.

If you know who the instructor will be, you can contact him or her by email before the class begins and ask for permission to take the class for high school credit through the CR dept. Most are familiar with the program but if there are any questions, please have the instructor contact Danelle Mosher.  

If you don't know the instructor in advance, you would go to the chosen class on the first day of UM classes and ask for permission.  Most instructors will not grant permission until drop/add at UM is over so that they know how many UM students are going to be in the class, but you must be there that first day to state your intention.  Please know that Spanish courses (especially the first semester) usually fill up and there is not room for CR students.  Sometimes a very few, who wait until the last day, get in but it is very difficult and not at all guaranteed.  Many departments at UM have a policy that if a class is full of UM students who pay for the course, it is unfair to allow the high school students, who do not pay anything, to overfill the class. That is the most frequent reason a student is denied.  If the student can fit a different section that meets at a different time into his or her schedule that can be explored.  You should understand that this a completely voluntary program that some UM instructors participate in and others do not.  We cannot compel them in any way to accept a student if they choose not to.

Once an instructor gives permission, the student has the instructor sign the CR Moodle Pre-Registration form or send an email to Danelle Mosher at  stating that he or she gives the student permission to take the class.  

Submit forms to CR office at CHS
The student is then responsible for attaching the course syllabus to the Moodle Pre-Registration from and turning it all in to the CR office by the CR deadline.  Check out the CR website for current deadlines.  It is not uncommon for UM CR students to need an extension on the deadline, to comply with UM's drop/add, but the student must communicate with Danelle Mosher, in the CR department of his/her intent to take a UM CR or a place in the program will not be held and the CR registration will be denied.

Once the forms (Moodle pre-registration with permission granted and syllabus) are turned into the CR office, the instructor will be contacted and the CR approved so the class can be recorded on the student's AAPS schedule. If the forms are not turned in to the CR Dept, the student cannot get credit for the class and will not be allowed to stay in the UM class.

Please know that the CR student is responsible for attending all UM classes, including during AAPS vacations, and completing all of the work with the same expectations and grading scale as the UM students.

Danelle Mosher
Community Resource Monitor, World Languages
Department Chair
Community High School, Room 215
Office phone:  994-2026

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