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Ann Arbor Huron High School COE - Leaving a Job


  • I desire a more challenging position
  • I wanted a position with responsibility
  • I wanted a work that was career-oriented
  • There was a general layoff in the department/company
  • I became a full time student I had an option for a better job
  • I wanted to be more productive
  • I wanted a job requiring my best skills
  • I preferred a better work environment
  • I wanted a job in which I could learn
  • I desire a career-oriented position in (field in which you are applying)
Letter of resignation
Resigning from a Job

Before you leave YOUR Job: 

  1. It is best to have another job before you leave the one you have (unless you can afford to be unemployed)

  2. Always try to leave your job on a good note. You want this person as a reference for other future jobs. YOu may ask for a letter of recommendation if a positive relationship exists.

  3. It is standard to give an employer two weeks notice before your last day of work.

  4. Writing a letter to your employer stating your last day and thanking them for the chance to work there is highly recommended.

  5. Try to finish up any projects before you leave.

  6. Offer to help find or at least train your replacement.

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