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Student Study Teams: A Parents Guide

What is the purpose of the SST?

The Student Study Team is a group of teachers, administrators, counselors and support staff who meet to plan strategies to address the needs of students who are experiencing difficulty. Difficulties can be in the area of academic achievement, social/emotional adjustment, behavior or physical health.

Who is involved in the SST?
The Student Study Team may include all the following: the student, the parent/guardians, the student's counselor, classroom teachers and a school administrator. In addition, the team may also include the school psychologist or social worker, a special education consultant, the school/court liaison officer and other support staff.
Should I ask for an SST if my child is having problems in class?

Not necessarily. When problems arise, the first person to contact is the teacher. Often, classroom issues can be resolved simply by communicating directly with the teacher. If this is unsuccessful, please contact your child's counselor. If the problems are pervasive across many settings, the counselor may decide to hold an SST meeting.

What is the SST process?

Step 1: The school personnel (teacher, counselor, administrator) or the parent requests consideration by the Study Study Team. This request should include specific information regarding the concerns and previously attempted interventions and accommodations. It should be directed to the student's counselor.

Step 2: The team collect information relevant to the student's progress. This might include: report cards, interim reports, tests, homework, attendance and results of state/district academic assessments. It should also include parent information regarding the student's academic and health history, parent/teacher observations and teacher reports.
Step 3: The team establishes a meeting time when all members can participate.
Step 4: The SST meeting is held to summarize concerns, review the information collected, discuss strategies and develop a plan for addressing the concerns.
Step 5: The team will follow-up on the plan to discuss whether it is being successful or not. If it is unsuccessful a follow-up meeting will be help to discuss alternatives.
What happens at an SST?

The intent of the Student Study Team meeting is to provide a positive, problem solving process to identify strategies and programs that may help to resolve student difficulties. The student is included in these meetings and encouraged to focus both on the student's strengths and weaknesses. Creating the action plan requires a collaborative effort on the part of the entire team, as does the follow-up afterwards. A written record of the meeting is made and distributed to the team members following the meeting in order to assist in this process.

How will I know if the plan is successful and what do I do if it is not?

Regular school attendance, satisfactory grades and your child's own attitude toward school are the best indicators of a plan's success. If this is not happening and you remain concerned, please talk with your child's counselor or the individual teacher(s). You may also contact your child's grade level principal.

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