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Dekeon's physical education page


Alison Gregorka a member of the USA Olympic women's water polo team shows Northside students the medal she earned in the Bejing Olympics in 2008 while visiting our school. Allison is one of seven Olympians and two Paralympians who have visited our school.


Northside Elementary School Physical Education

My Name is Rick Dekeon and I am Northside's physical education teacher.

My goal as Northside elementary school's physical education teacher is for kids to experience a life full of activity and allow them to participate in activities that don't frighten or intimidate them. My students learn physical activities they can participate in over the course of their lifetime. They also learn the many cognitive reasons people should be active. My website contains the many activities we do in our physical education program. It includes the many fun things we do, and includes activities, motivational ideas, and  quizzes,  along with other bits of worthwhile information. This website is maintained and updated by myself, Mr. Dekeon physical education teacher at Northside Elementary School. Any comments, suggestions or questions, please e-mail me at, Change The at to the @ symbol.
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