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Dekeon's physical education page

The following activities are dodgeball alternatives. There is currently a tremendous debate over the game of dodgeball.  Naspe has a position paper on why not to play dodgeball, to view this document click on the link, , personally I have no problem with the game or playing dodgeball, do I think it is the bestr way to work on throwing skills? No. Does every student enjoy playing it? No, just as students don't enjoy every other activity presented to them in physical education class. We very rarely play dodgeball and very rarely do my students ask to play the game. Listed on the left are activities to play dodgeball type activities WITHOUT using the children as human targets. The children who play a "position" as a guard defensive player do it willingly and because they have chosen to do it. The other children have opportunities to play various positions without being humiliated or embarassed. All activities at Northside are all inclusive and done in the pursuit of increased fitness for all of our students! 

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