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 3300 Lorraine
 Ann Arbor, MI  48108
 (734)997-1220 (Main)
  997-1223 (8th & 6th A-L)   997-1221 (7th & 6th M-Z)  (734)997-1885 FAX
 Gerald Vazquez, Principal

 2014/15 Registration forms can be found in the navigation link on the left.

School Picture Day is Friday, September 5th! 


Registration for the 2014-15 school year is scheduled for the following dates and times:

ALL 8th graders - Wednesday, 8/20/14, 9:00-10:45 am

ALL 7th graders - Wednesday, 8/20/14, 10:45 am-12:30 pm

6th graders - Thursday, 8/21/14, 11:00 am-2:00 pm

  • ·  Last Names A-C 11:00-11:30 am
  • ·  Last Names D-G 11:30 am-12:00 pm
  • ·  Last Names H-K 12:00-12:30 pm
  • ·  Last Names L-N 12:30-1:00 pm
  • ·  Last Names O-S 1:00-1:30 pm
  • ·  Last Names T-Z 1:30-2:00 pm


Information on the 
International Baccalaueate Program
can be found by clicking the image below:



A Day in the Life at Scarlett Middle School

"Safe & Sound" performed by the Scarlett Middle School Orchestra under the direction of Timario Wilkins


Scarlett Emphases "Passion, Pride & Productivity"


  • Academics: Every student interacts with a rigorous, manageable academic course load where he/she is expected to achieve and maintain success.
  • Expectations: Every student is expected to demonstrate "Passion, Pride and Productivity" in all aspects of his/her schooling experience, which comes by respecting one's self, one's school, and one's community.
  • Leadership: Every student is encouraged to take an active role in school activities such as Athletics, Clubs, Student Council, Health Team, Music and the arts.
  • Teaching Staff: Every staff member commits to professional development and growth in the core academic, elective areas, and technology, which remain focal points of the Scarlett vision.
  • Achievement: Every student is an individual, whose progress is monitored individually and collectively as based on gender, ethnicity and special needs.



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