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 2251 E. Stadium Blvd.
 Ann Arbor, MI  48104
 (734)994-2012 (6th & 7th A-L)
 (734)994-2016 (8th & 7th M-Z)
 (734)997-1873 FAX
 Jazz Parks, Principal

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Principal - Mrs. Jazz L. Parks
Assistant Principal - Mr. Rick Weiler

994-2012 (6th & 7th A-L)
994-2016 (8th & 7th M-Z)
994-2017 (Staff Voicemail)
(734)997-1873 - Tappan Fax

All grade offices are located on the 1st floor

Dear Tappan Community:

This is to inform you that Tappan will experience a power shutdown effective June 23, 2014.  The approximate power restoration date is sometime during the week of July 14.

During the shut down there will be no access available to the facility, nor will there be anyone on-site to take your calls.  In the event you need to reach someone regarding Tappan during this time, please contact the AAPS at 734-994-2200.

Once power resumes, if you need to come to the school to enroll, take care of an obligation, or any other school related matter, please call 734-994-2011 to ensure that someone will be on-site to assist you.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

No person shall be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in any educational program or activity available in any school on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, creed, political belief, age, national origin, linguistic and language differences, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, socioeconomic status, height, weight, marital or familial status, disability or veteran status.

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