T  A  P  P  A  N     M  I  D  D  L  E     S  C  H  O  O  L

The Tappan Players




Sign up starts NOW for the 2015 Tappan Players production of the Cole Porter musical Anything Goes.


Parents must sign up their interested students by November 24, 2014, and cast/crew is limited to 150 students. Note: sign-up will be closed once the 150 student limit is reached even if it is before the deadline, so sign-up early.  (A wait list will be started if the 150 limit is reached.)


Three easy steps to sign up:


1.   Read the attached parent/guardian letter for very important information;


2. Check out the volunteer job descriptions included with the letter; and then,  


3. Register online here: http://goo.gl/forms/Q1XLhTjKRQ (paper sign-up forms are available in the Tappan office)


Due to technical complications, we have to design a new website.  Please bear with us as we resolve this issue.  In the meantime, we invite parents to "like" the Tappan Players Facebook page, where we will be posting information and announcements regarding the show.


Any questions? Please contact co-producers Catherine Carver and Lisa Richardson at tapproducers2015@gmail.com


We're looking forward to a great show!


Parents must volunteer for their children to participate.

Volunteer job description can be found here. 

Register to participate here.

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